Valentine's Day Scrapbook Layout

Valentine's Day Scrapbook Layout

Love is in the Air! What better time to celebrate your memories than with this beautiful 2 page scrapbook layout using Cardstock Warehouse paper, Kiwi Lane Designs templates and coordinating patterned paper.


Gather the Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers: Turquoise Colorplan, Mirror Gold, Stardream Onyx Metallic, Pop-Tone Sno Cone and Bubblegum, Construction Recycled White, and my most favorite cardstock ever…Sparkle Gold Touch Glitter …I am in LOVE with this cardstock.

I also used patterned cardstock sheets from the Layout Kit by Kiwi Lane Designs, Hello Darling.  Pick out the following Kiwi Lane templates: Jason Lane 2A, 2B, Eli Avenue 3A, 3B, Large Bracket 2, Autumn 1, Tags 6, Tiny Bracket 1T, Tiny Charmed 2, Tiny Nature 1T, 6T, Tiny Springtime 6T, Tiny Sweetheart 2T, and Tiny Tags 6T. If you don’t have these templates, replace with what you do have. If you don’t have any, contact me at Other tools to gather: 12” Trimmer, various sized circle punches (not shown), your favorite scissors, adhesive, daubers, and ink pad (I chose the color Vintage Photo).   

supplies for Cardstock Warehouse Paper Valentine's Day Scrapbook layout by Shelly Kallach


Lay your 2 Sno Cone Pop-Tone background pages down in front of you. Take your Kiwi Lane Designs templates that you picked out and start playing with your design. Move the borders and accessory pieces around on your background sheets until you are visually pleased. At this point, you are ready to start tracing the templates onto the chosen cardstock and patterned papers. I started with a little journal accessory from the Layout Kit, Hello Darling. 

Kiwi Lane Templates used to cut Cardstock Warehouse Paper 

Here are other examples showing how the templates were traced. Don’t feel like you have to trace the template exactly…I modified the area I wanted to trace. I made the tag longer than the template actually was. Nothing is a perfect science when it comes to scrapbooking. 

Sentiments Tag

When tracing the templates, try to maximize the usage of your papers so that you have plenty of scraps left, in case you need them to make a card or add other elements to your pages. Even the smallest scrap of Gold Glitter can make a cute embellishment! 

Gold Sparkle Glitter Paper from Cardstock Warehouse Paper Company

I traced my leaf templates on the back of the Mirror Gold paper. Tracing on darker papers can also be tricky. Sometimes I’ll trace the template on the opposite side if the paper is lighter. Just be cautious as to how the template is situated…you’ll want to flip it over – mirror the image so to speak.

Cutting flower paper pieces for Valentine's Day Scrapbook page

A really neat thing about the Kiwi Lane Designs 12” Borders is that they nestle together. So the 1A piece matches the opposite 1B piece. Nestle them together on your paper. Just draw a little hash mark on the straight edge. You’ll use your 12” trimmer to cut there. Pull the top piece away…trace the bottom piece (wavy edge). Then all you do is cut the wavy line, and you have 2 border pieces! 

Trim pieces using Kiwi Lane Templates and Cardstock Warehouse Paper

Once all the templates are traced and cut out, it’s time to start assembling the layout. TIP: Don’t worry about cutting EXACTLY on the traced lines. Again, there is no perfection necessary when it comes to scrapbooking. No one will know the difference. You will just get a bunch of ooh’s and aah’s when you show them off! Also, when cutting out the traced elements, turn your paper, NOT your wrist and scissors!!

I placed all of the cut out pieces back onto my 2 background sheets of Cardstock. I punched the black circle on the right side page with a circle punch…I ended up adding the Teal circle that I punched out as well. I added some black dots to the center. I also changed out some of the gold leaves. I added some leaves made from the Glitter Gold cardstock, and moved the Mirror Gold leaves to behind the hearts on the left side page. 

Layout Details

You’ll notice, for the top borders, I traced the templates on the patterned paper AND on the Recycled White cardstock. I thought the top needed something extra. I’m always adding or taking away pieces as I design. It’s such a fun process to create!

At this point, I am ready to ink ALL of the edges of the cut out pieces of cardstock. I use a dauber and my ink pad. I then replace all the pieces back to the background sheets to see how it looks. I moved the white borders down a bit so that the patterned paper shows as a border to the border. I had to trim the white borders down a bit to get this effect.

Inking the edges of the scrapbook cardstock paper elements

Now, I’m happy with the results and will start adhering the pieces to my background sheets. Keep in mind, if you are hiding elements behind others, that you place those down first. I used my liner tape and runner tape to adhere my pieces down.

 Scor Tape on Cardstock Warehouse Paper Embellishments

I then created my photo mat pieces from the Turquoise Colorplan. 2 mats on each page. 2 are 4.5”x6.5” and 2 are 3.3”x3.3”. It's still missing something though..... AHA! I'll add a strip of patterned and Sparkle Gold Touch Glitter paper to the bottom! 

Finished Scrapbook Layout by Shelly Kallach

It’s finally complete! Time to add the photos! 

Finished Valentine's Day Scrapbook Layout by Shelly Kallach

Check out these close ups! I absolutely LOVE the Gold Glitter cardstock!

Valentine's Day Scrapbook Layout Page Close Up Details

How are you scrapbooking your Valentine's Day memories? We would love to see! Show us your creations on Facebook or Instagram

Happy Valentine's Day! 

-Shelly (

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What a beautiful layout. I love all the color choices and details you put into this layout.

Katy Fowler

Such a beautiful layout, and your instructions make it so easy to duplicate, even for beginners. I’m inspired!


Great layout. Love the paper


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