Paper 101 - Die Cutting

When it comes to die cutting, all it takes are the right settings to create beautifully intricate designs. EVERY paper Cardstock Warehouse™ sells is die cut machine compatible and, when using the right settings, will produce crisp, clean cuts like the ones below. 

The quality of your blades and mats is also very important. We do NOT recommend using generic blades, as they do not offer the same cut quality as Cricut and Silhouette brand blades. 


die cut cardstock


Before you begin a die cutting project, make sure your blade is sharp and your mats are properly prepared. When using a new mat, whether it be Cricut or Silhouette, you will want to condition your mat first. 

When new, the mats are too sticky to use without damaging your paper. You can condition your mat by pressing your hands on to the surface repeatedly until it feels slightly less sticky. Make sure you touch the surface evenly and that you get the corners. The natural oils on your hands decrease the stickiness just enough to protect your paper but not damage your mat. Use a small scrap of paper to test your mat before you start your project. 

For specific cut settings, find the machine you are cutting with below. 


The cheat sheet below gives the Cricut cut settings using a regular blade for each of the Cardstock Warehouse papers. Want to keep this handy? Download a full size copy to save or print here. 

*Papers in the box with the X2 star will cut using the double cut feature, which allows for a clean cut of thicker papers.* We do NOT recommend trying to cut papers 100# or higher in only one pass. The double-cut feature will ensure the paper cuts all the way through every time!


Cricut Die Cut Settings for Cardstock Warehouse Paper Company Paper



To cut using a Silhouette Cameo, use the diagram below to configure your cut settings. The Textured Cardstock setting comes standard on your machine, but you will have to create a custom setting for papers 85# and higher. See the diagram for the correct settings. To save or print a full size copy of this diagram, click here! 

Silhouette Cameo Cut Settings for Cardstock Warehouse Paper

troubleshooting Regardless of what machine you have, sometimes issue arise. Here are some tips for making sure you get the best cuts possible!

  • DO NOT use generic blades, especially those from Amazon. We have done extensive testing and found them to not deliver quality cuts, even when they are brand new. The best blades for your machine are the ones from the manufacturer of your machine. 
  • Make sure your mat is sticky enough to hold the paper in place. If your paper is wiggling on the mat, it will not cut cleanly. We recommend the standard grip mat for all of our papers.
  • Make sure you are using the double-cut setting (where it cuts each line twice) for ALL papers 100lb or higher. We do not recommend cutting 100lb papers in just one pass.
  • If the paper is not cutting all the way through, increase the pressure. 
  • If your paper is tearing when you cut, your pressure may be too high, or your speed could be too fast. Adjust one variable at a time and try again. 
  • If you are still having trouble, contact the maker of your machine. All Cardstock Warehouse™ papers have been extensively tested to ensure they cut cleanly in properly functioning machines.