Color Chart

  • Colors below are grouped by collection
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Colorplan Bright White
China White
Colorplan Candy Pink
Colorplan Vermillion
Colorplan Park Green
Colorplan Mid-Green
Colorplan Lockwood Green
Coloplan Forest Green
Colorplan Racing Gren
Colorplan Tabriz Blue
Colorplan Azure Blue
Colorplan New Blue
Colorplan Adriatic Blue
Colorplan Sapphire Blue
Colorplan Imperial Blue
Colorplan Cobalt Blue
Colorplan Royal Blue
Colorplan Purple
Colorplan Amethyst
Colorplan Pale Grey
Colorplan Real Grey
Colorplan Smoke Grey
Colorplan Dark Grey
Colorplan Ebony
Colorplan Nubuck Brown
Colorplan Bagdad Brown
Colorplan Bitter Chocolate
Glo-tone Green Glo-tone Yellow Glo-tone Orange Glo-tone Blue
Sirio Celeste
Sirio Turchese
Sirio Iris
Sirio Blu
Sirio Foglia
Sirio Lime
Sirio Limone
Sirio Gialloro
Sirio Arancio
Sirio Vermiglione
Sirio Cherry
Sirio Vino
Sirio Lampone
Sirio Nude
Sirio Cacao
Sirio Caffe
Sirio Cashmere
Sirio Pietra
Sirio Antracite
Pop-Tone Sweet Tooth
Pop-tone Whip Cream
Pop-tone Sno Cone
Pop-tone Berrylicious
Pop-tone Blu Raspberry
Pop-tone Spearmint
Pop-tone Limeade
Pop-tone Sour Apple
Pop-tone Gumdrop Green
Pop-tone Jellybean Green
Pop-tone Banana Split
Pop-tone Lemon Drop
Pop-tone Orange Fizz Pop-tone Tangy Orange
Pop-tone Red Hot
Pop-tone Cotton Candy Pop-tone Bubblegum
Pop-tone Pink Lemonade
Pop-tone Grapesicle
Pop-tone Grape Jelly
Pop-tone Hot Fudge
Pop-tone Black Licorice
Foundations Pure White
Foundations Recycled White
Foundations Whitewash
Foundations Barely Pink
Foundations Barely Green
Foundations Barely Grey
Foundations Steel Blue
Foundations Blacktop
Foundations Nightshift Blue
Foundations Timber Green
Foundations Paver Red
Foundations Electric Red
Kraft Parcel Wrap
Kraft Paper Bag
Kraft Brown Box
Speckletone Starch White
Speckletone True White
Speckletone Madero Beach
Speckletone Oatmeal
Speckletone Kraft
Speckletone Brown
Speckletone Chocolate
Speckletone Olive
Speckletone Wine
Stardream Crystal
Stardream Quartz
Stardream Opal
Silver Stardream
Stardream Anthracite
Stardream Onyx
Stardream Gold
Stardream Antique Gold
Stardream Bronze
Stardream Copper
Stardream Flame
Stardream Mars
Stardream Jupiter
Stardream Azalea
Stardream Rose Quartz
Stardream Coral
Stardream Kunzite
Stardream Amethyst
Stardream Punch
Stardream Ruby
Stardream Lapis Lazuli
Stardream Vista
Stardream Aquamarine
Stardream Lagoon
Stardream Fairway
Mirror Green
Mirror Gold
Mirror Rose Gold
Mirror Copper
Mirror Red
Mirror Pink
Mirror Purple
Mirror Blue
Mirror Silver
Mirror Gun Metal
Mirror Black
Smart White
Sirio Ultra Black
Pergamenata Parchment Bianco
Pergamenata Parchment Natural
White Diamond Inkjet Glitter
MirriSparkle Glitter Silver
MirriSparkle Gold Touch
MirriSparkle Desert Sand
MirriSparkle Pink Sapphire
MirriSparkle Red Wagon
MirriSparkle Green
MirriSparkle Black