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We have • fallen • in • LOVE • with this paper!

It's called Materica because you can feel it beneath your fingers. You can feel the cotton fibers, the rough wood, recovered fibers, and pure cellulose. It's named Materica because you also see its incredible colors, never ordinary, like memories of places – water, red earth, chalk, slate. It's Materica because it simply is. Recycled paper.

Lusciously thick, Materica is made with 15% cotton fibers and is 100% environmentally friendly. The cotton content and recycled fibers makes this paper thicker than expected for it's basis weight. Manufactured in Italy by Fedrigoni, Materica is an excellent choice for print and paper design. Available in ten timeless colors that can be dressed up or down. It is long-life archival, solid-core, light-fast, pure elemental chlorine free and heavy metal free. Due to the recycled content, very slight variations of shade and small specks or inclusions of cellulose fiber may be evident in the sheet which lend more character to it's tactile nature. Try some Materica today - we think you will love it too!

Also available in cut cards, belly bands, and envelopes.