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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the weight of your cardstock?  Why is 81 lb. Text thinner and lighter than 65 lb. Cover?

A: We offer cardstock in varying weights and sizes.  See individual product detail and our Paper 101 - Paper Weight Guide for additional information.


Q. What size paper do you sell?

We sell 8.5-x-11 inch and 12-x-12 inch paper packs. Other sizes will be available from our store soon. 


Q. Can I get a sample of your paper?

We make samples available for sale in a full 8.5-x-11 inch sheet, as well as a Professional Swatch Deck which contains a swatch of the papers we carry. If you are looking for a specific shade, are color matching, or are printing on the paper, we recommend that you purchase a sample prior to ordering a large quantity of paper.


Q. Is the paper color I see on my screen accurate?

A. All of our paper is professionally photographed to represent the color of our paper as accurately as possible. However, we cannot control the color calibration on a customer's mobile or computer screen, or how accurately it displays colors. The color represented on this website should be viewed only as a guide. If you are looking for a specific shade, are color matching, or are printing on the paper, we recommend that you purchase a sample prior to ordering a large quantity of paper.


Q: Is your cardstock colored all the way through?  

A: Yes, all of our colored cardstock is solid-core, meaning the color goes all the way through the paper. Our natural wood veneer sheets are real wood veneers with a coordinating paper backing. Mirror and Sparkle Glitter sheets have a white matte paper backing. See Paper 101 - Paper Color for additional information.


Q: Can I print on your paper?

A: All of our papers are print friendly and many of them are designed for printing, however, not all papers can print in all printers! Our paper product listings provide information on the methods of printing suitable for that paper. However, since there are many makes and models of printers on the market, this information is only a guide. We recommend that you order a paper sample to conduct print testing prior to purchasing a large quantity of paper. See our Paper 101 - Printing Guide for additional information.


Q: Can your paper be die-cut?

A:  Yes!  All of our paper can be die-cut.  See our Paper 101 - Die Cutting page for die-cut machine setting recommendations and other helpful information.


Q: Why is my paper cracking when I fold it? Is your paper fold friendly?

A: All Cardstock Warehouse paper scores and folds cleanly provided the correct tools and techniques are used.  See Paper 101 - Scoring and Folding for additional information.


Q: Can I use glue on your paper? 

A: Liquid adhesives should be used in moderation and only in very small areas to avoid rippling and curling. When gluing larger pieces of paper, use a “dry” adhesive such as double-sided tape, scor-tape, a tape runner, foam dots, or glue dots. This is true for any paper brand.


Q: What exactly is wood veneer?

A: Wood veneer sheets are thin sheets of real wood with a coordinating text-weight paper backing. They are flexible and feel just like a piece of paper. Our wood veneer is equivalent to a medium text weight and is 10pt. caliper in thickness.

 Note:  Wood veneer is not heavy enough for woodworking projects. Printing on flat feed is recommended to prevent curling. Heavy application of liquid glue is not recommended. Scor tape works great!


Q: Where is your paper made?

A: We source as much of our paper as possible from mills located in the United States of America! Other papers are sourced from well-known mills in Italy and the U.K.  Our paper is then cut and packaged to specifications here in the U.S. All of our mill partners adhere to green and eco-friendly processing standards and many of our products are chemical free and contain recycled paper. Read About Us!


 Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

A: When making your purchase, you will be asked to select a shipping speed. Orders are delivered within the number of business days indicated by the shipping speed selected. Please see our Shipping Policy for additional information on delivery times and rates.


Q. I received my order but items are missing?

A. Please check your email. Orders with multiple items may ship in several shipments. You may have received an initial shipment notice listing all items as shipped with one tracking number; but after a partial order ships, updated emails are sent providing additional tracking numbers with a detail of what item(s) will be in each shipment.


Q. I received a delivery notice, but did not receive my package. What do I do?

A: Customers are expected to be available to take delivery. Customers are notified and receive a tracking number when an order is shipped. 

USPS and UPS allow customers to provide delivery instructions for any incoming package that meets certain requirements and are not yet out for delivery. Shipments from Cardstock Warehouse that are not yet out for delivery or delivered should satisfy the requirements. When you receive a shipment notification email, enter your tracking number in the online search and follow the instructions. See links below for additional information. Don't wait too long as once the item is out-for-delivery, you cannot add further instructions.

USPS delivery instructions

UPS delivery instructions

Because carrier insurance only covers loss for items that are not delivered (a delivered item is not considered lost), we cannot make an insurance claim if your order is delivered by the carrier but not at your residence. In this case, you need to open a case with your local post office or UPS store to begin a search and investigation. We also suggest you check with your mail or UPS carrier, neighbors, as well as around your property to see if the carrier delivered it to the wrong house or left it in an out-of-the way location to protect it from the elements (we have had customers find their package under a parked car, in a shed, under the porch, etc.)

Q: Can I return my order for a refund?

A: Please see our Return Policy for information on returns.

Q: My company or organization is exempt from sales tax. How do I apply for Sales Tax Exemption for my purchases?

A. Please see our Sales Tax Exemption form for instructions to submit your tax information. Cardstock Warehouse collects sales tax in states where we have nexus and in states where we meet sales thresholds.