Q: What is the weight of your cardstock?  

A: We offer cardstock in varying weights and sizes.  See individual product detail and our Paper 101 - Basis Weight Guide for additional information.


Q: Is your cardstock colored all the way through?  

A: Yes, all of our colored cardstock is solid-core, meaning the color goes all the way through the paper. Our natural wood veneer sheets are real wood veneers with a coordinating paper backing. Mirror and Sparkle Glitter sheets have a white matte paper backing. See Paper 101 - Paper Color for additional information.


Q: Does your paper go through a printer?

A: Since all makes and models of printers are different, you should test your paper before purchasing a large quantity. Generally, papers with a basis weight up to 100 pounds print on a home printer with ease. Papers with a basis weight of 100 pounds and greater will be dependent upon the type of printer being used. For heavier papers, a flat-feed or back-feed printer typically works better than a bottom feed. Some printers have paper settings to accommodate a heavier stock. Paper finishes are also a consideration.  Metallic papers product best results when printed on laser printers as well as other professional printing methods. Papers with a mirror surface cannot be printed on inkjet. See our Paper 101 - Printing Guide for additional information.


Q: Can your paper be die-cut?

A:  Yes!  All of our paper can be die-cut.  See our Paper 101 - Die Cutting page for die-cut machine setting recommendations and other helpful information. 


Q: Is your paper fold friendly?

A: All Cardstock Warehouse paper scores and folds cleanly provided the correct tools and techniques are used.  See Paper 101 - Scoring and Folding for additional information.


Q: What exactly is wood veneer?

A: Wood veneer sheets are thin sheets of real wood with a coordinating text-weight paper backing. They are flexible and feel just like a piece of paper. Our wood veneer is equivalent to a medium text weight and is 10pt. caliper in thickness.

 Note:  Wood veneer is not heavy enough for woodworking projects. Printing on flat-feed is recommended to prevent curling. Heavy application of liquid glue is not recommended. Scor tape works great!


Q: Where is your paper made?

A: We source as much of our paper as possible from mills located in the United States of America! Other papers are sourced from well-known mills in Italy and the U.K.  All of our mill partners adhere to green and eco-friendly processing standards and many of our products are chemical free and contain recycled paper. Read About Us!