Paper 101 - Table Numbers


Let us help you make decorating your table for your event easy by downloading and printing our FREE 5"x7" table numbers. These are available in 7 text colors to match any event. Simply click on the link for the color of your choice, click the underlined arrow symbol in the top right corner, and save them to your computer. Open the file from the folder you saved them in and print them on the Cardstock Warehouse© paper of your choice, then cut on the grey lines. Don't worry if you can see a bit of the grey lines when you cut them. That will be covered by the frame. The papers shown below are Parcel Wrap Kraft 100lb, Bright White 100lb, China White 100lb, Natural 100lb, Starch White 80lb, Madero Beach 80lb, and True White 80lb


Printable 5"x7" Table Numbers

Choose frames that match your theme and frame your table numbers. We think they look best framed without their glass. This will prevent glare from candles and lamps at your event and make for better photos of your centerpieces and decor. 


Framed Printable Table Numbers 


(The font for these table numbers is called Isabella)


Want to make your own DIY Table Numbers instead? You can use the 5"x7" Framed Table Numbers Template below to create your own. Click on the template link, click the underlined arrow symbol in the top right corner, and save it to your computer. Open Adobe Illustrator and create a document with enough pages to make all of your table numbers. You can get two numbers on each page, so for example, if you need 30 table numbers, you will need to create an 8.5"x11" landscape document with 15 pages. Import the template into the document and copy+paste it onto each of the document pages. In the first box on the first page, design your table number. Once you have it exactly the way you want it, copy+paste the contents of the box into the other boxes and change the table numbers until you have all the numbers you need. Then print your numbers and you are ready to go! You can make these simple with only text, or add design elements to match your theme. We recommend Creative Market for finding graphic design elements. 


printed graphic table number examples

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