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We make every effort to display product images that accurately depict product color, texture, and finish; however, images of our products are only meant to be a guide. We cannot guarantee that computer monitors and mobile screens display accurate color. Also, enlarged images may cause detail and texture to appear larger or more pronounced, and light reflection captured on metallic papers may appear as a gradation of color on a solid-colored sheet. We strongly recommend purchasing a sample when color or color-matching is of great importance in your project.


All of our papers will print in printers designed for their paper type. However, not all printers can handle every paper on the market. Some papers require laser or inkjet printing only, others can print on both laser and inkjet.

Successful printing is dependent upon the knowledge of a paper's weight and caliper (thickness), finish (uncoated or coated), and grain direction, as well as ensuring that the printer, ink or toner, and printer settings are compatible with the paper.

Failure to assess proper printing methods may cause jamming, ink smudging, and damage to the paper or printer. Due to the many unknowns involved with paper after it leaves our hands, including but not limited to: storage environment, storage temperatures, moisture, humidity, dryness; the many makes and models of printers on the market, and print operator knowledge, we are unable to guarantee the print performance of any paper and strongly recommend purchasing samples to test print your project.

Electronic Die-Cutting

We attempt to assist customers in every way possible to achieve desired results, however,  the many makes and models of electronic die-cutting equipment, the various settings required, and the level of user experience prohibits us from guaranteeing success with die-cutting. 

General Performance

While we can recommend applications suitable for our products, we cannot guarantee performance due to many factors outside of our control after it leaves our warehouse such as: paper age, how it is stored, humidity/dryness, user knowledge and experience, and compatibility with third-party products. We highly recommend purchasing sample sheets when trying a new paper and/or a new application.  Cardstock Warehouse is not responsible for damaged product or equipment used in conjunction with our product.

Sample Sheets Available

To ensure that color and print capabilities meet your needs, we recommend purchasing sample sheets prior to placing your order. Samples always ship free.

See our Paper 101 Guide for additional information on color and printing.