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Info and Tips About Paper and DIY Paper Crafting

We've included photo illustrations, how-to tips, and videos to help you create the paper project you've been dreaming of. Just add your imagination and go! Need some inspiration? Visit our Blog for ideas and additional how-to's!

Paper 101 Weight Chart

Are you finding paper weights to be confusing? Why is 80 lb. text lighter than 59 lb. cover?

The terms text and cover come from the paper manufacturing world.  There are also other paper types that include index and bond, for instance, but we will stick to papers more commonly used for paper crafting here...
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mailing tips 101

Both the size and weight of your finished product will determine the amount of postage required to mail it out. This may be an important consideration if mailing a large volume of pieces, such as announcements, invitations or holiday greeting cards. Mailing a piece with its own special envelope? Be sure to keep in mind the following size requirements for letters...
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paper color 101

Paper color is all a matter of personal preference, style, theme and occasion. Ink color, paper bleed and ink absorption are also important considerations when printing and applying ink to paper.  Multi-layered cards create a visually pleasing look with options for contrasting color or monochromatic color themes...
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printing 101

Printing is an important factor to consider when choosing paper for your printing projects.  Whether you plan on DIY printing or professional printing, do your homework before buying a large supply of paper. Not all paper types are suitable for all printers, especially home printers...
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score and fold 101

Paper is made up of tiny grains of fiber. During the manufacturing process, they align in the same direction, usually with the longest side of the parent sheet, much like a school of fish or a flock of migrating birds!  Knowing how to find the grain, and score your paper is key to creating professional looking pieces...
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die cutting 101

When it comes to die cutting, all it takes are the right settings to create beautiful, intricate designs. EVERY paper Cardstock Warehouse sells is die cut machine compatible and, when using the right settings, will produce crisp, clean cuts...
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Choosing the right adhesive for your paper project is almost as important as choosing the right paper. Are you gluing a large area or a small area? Are you gluing something flat or 3D? Will whatever you are gluing be kept for a long time or thrown away after a short time? Do you need your glue to dry tacky or hard...
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Weddings and Events Paper 101 Page from Cardstock Warehouse Paper CompanyDo-It-Yourself wedding day or special event paper goods are a great way to save money on your special day and still make a big impact. Whether you are making an entire wedding invitation suite or an invite for your child's birthday party, find all the details you will need in this section...

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Glossary of Terms🔎

 What's in a name? We've compiled a list of common paper-industry terms to help you navigate the paper ordering process. As always, if there is something you don't understand, please use our contact form and let us know! We are here and happy to help!
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