Paper 101 - Place and Escort Cards

Place and Escort Cards

Step one of escort and/or place cards is knowing the difference between the two! 

  • An Escort Card tells your guest what table to sit at
  • A Place Card tells your guest where to sit at the actual table


The 8.5" x 11" template below (in .png format) can be used in any design software and will help you align your text to get a more professional look. To download the template, simply click on the template image below and then right-click to save it to your desktop.


3.5" x 2.125" place & escort card template


To use the Place Card Template, create a new 11" x 8.5" document in your design software, add the template PNG and resize it to fill the whole canvas, then add your text in the appropriate areas. Once you are done adding your text, you will delete the template before you print.

When printing your finished pieces, make sure your printer is set to "borderless" or that the scale is set to 100% to ensure they print the correct size. 

Be sure to keep in mind the fold line of the place/escort card. The template is set up for 6 tented place cards that fold in the middle. Use this diagram and example template to help you set up your document. (Click on the image to make it larger.)

how to use place and escort card template video         completed example place and escort card template

Multiple test prints on plain paper to get the alignment right may be required. Remember that trial and error is a natural and necessary part of DIYing and try to be patient. :-) Sometimes you will have to adjust spacing and print test multiple times. As always, remember to run a print test on your chosen final paper before setting to print a large volume. 

To learn how to add watercolor or other textures to the text on your printed goods, check out this blog with instructions.


As mentioned before, a paper cutter will make cutting your place cards MUCH easier. Simply cut off the 1/2 inch waste off of the end, cut the 3.5 inch columns, then cut those in half (4.25 inches) to separate the place cards. Watch the time lapse video below to see escort card cutting in action!



Scoring your place cards is a CRUCIAL step to getting a clean fold. If you do not score your cards, you will get wrinkles along your fold line. A scoring board will help immensely, but if you don't have one, you can make an easy scoring board with a piece of felt. 

To make your felt scoring board:

  1. Use tape or a permanent marker to mark the size of the place or escort card. 
  2. Use a ruler to mark the center line.
  3. Use the scoring tool of your choice to make an indention down the center line of the place or escort card. Make sure not to push too hard and puncture the paper.
  4. Gently fold along the score line.
how to score your place or escort cards

  Your place and escort cards are now ready for the big day! (Paper goods below printed on Starch White Speckletone cardstock.)

Starch White Speckletone Escort Cards

Starch White Speckletone Menu and Escort Cards

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