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MirriSparkle glitter cardstock paper offers a distinctive no-shed glitter that will not come off on your hands nor on surfaces, or in your equipment. A high-end subtle glitter paper, MirriSparkle glitter paper is pleasing to the touch, with a gorgeous fine metallic luster and shimmer. - no chunky glitter here. Sustainably made by Celloglas, the UK's leading specialist in decorative print finishing, this paper contains 70% recycled content.

This glitter paper has a colored glitter front with a white cardstock back that allows it to be easily adhered to other surfaces if required. It die-cuts beautifully and is offset and laser-printer compatible provided the printer can handle the paper's weight and thickness.

Make beautiful layered invitations, die-cut borders and embellishments, belly bands, cake and cupcake toppers, tags and more.

Add a touch of elegance and stylish sparkle to any project or special occasion with MirriSparkle glitter cardstock paper.