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In Search of a Better Glitter Paper

In Search of a Better Glitter Paper

Glitter paper is a staple of arts and crafts at all levels. Everyone from preschool teachers to professional artisans and designers has a place in their repertoire for glitter paper.

It’s just that glitter paper, despite its amazing versatility, is not without its faults. Poor quality glitter cardstock and papers are difficult to work with because they shed and do not cut cleanly. Moreover, glitter has come under fire for its environmental unfriendliness.

It was about time for someone to offer a better version of this time-tested arts-and-crafts classic. We just answered the call.

No-Shed Glitter Paper

If there’s one thing that no one can stand about glitter paper, it’s the fact that it sheds. We get it - some glitter cardstock paper has exposed glitter particles on the surface and there’s no way to stop these from flecking off. Other glitter companies who’ve attempted to make a non-shed glitter have added a cheap and unattractive film coating over the top, which gives it an undesirable finish.

The solution was to provide a type of paper that would not shed glitter, which is exactly what we provide in our MirriSparkle line of glitter cardstock paper. Available here in Silver, Gold Touch, Desert Sand, Pink Sapphire, Red Wagon, Evergreen, and Black Diamond, this glitter cardstock paper will not shed glitter.

Our glitter paper is micro embossed to reveal a fine “glitter” and one that is beautiful enough for your most upscale invitation or greeting card. Better yet, the MirriSparkle line is pleasant to the touch, lacking the coarse, gritty texture of conventional glitter cardstock paper.

Uncommon Glitter Paper That Solves Common Glitter Paper Problems

Obviously one of the most common gripes regarding glitter cardstock (or any glitter-bearing craft paper) is that it sheds glitter, which then gets into everything and is nearly impossible to remove. Our MirriSparkle line solves that problem handily.

One more thing to mention is that glitter has recently come under criticism because it contains a wide range of harmful chemical components, including but not limited to microplastics, iron oxide, and titanium dioxide. When these find their way into the soil or into waterways, they will linger for a long time, causing potentially adverse environmental effects.

Another problem with glitter paper is that it can be hard to work with. Glitter cardstock lines that contain a mixture of coarse glitter and adhesives can be very difficult, if not impossible, to fold cleanly or to cut. The glitter makes it difficult to create clean folds, often resulting in a jagged, irregular line, and one that is even more difficult to cut. Glitter also can dull scissors, craft knives, and other blades.

Our MirriSparkle Paper scores and folds easily, and can be cut by a hand machine, producing crisp, even lines and cuts, even with a die-cutting machine.

Glitter Paper Tech Specs

In addition to the fact that MirriSparkle glitter cardstock paper is easier to fold and cut and will not shed glitter all over the place, it has a number of other useful traits.

The paper in our MirriSparkle line has one colored, glittered side. The back is plain white cardstock paper that can be adhered to another surface if the project requires it.

Another great thing about our glitter paper is that you can print with it, as long as the printer can handle the weight and thickness of the paper. While this paper is not compatible with inkjet printers, it is compatible with laser printers, as well as other printing methods as specified. Make sure to check the product details for more information or call us if you’re unsure. While some glitter papers can damage a printer’s internals and others have surfaces to which ink won’t readily adhere, our MirriSparkle solves both these problems at once.

It’s suitable for both offset and silk screen printing, providing the printer can handle it. You can also use this glitter paper for embossing, engraving, and foil stamping projects.

As far as size and weight are concerned, all of our MirriSparkle glitter cardstock is 104 lb cover and 280 GSM which makes it a nice weight - not too thin and not too heavy to work with.

Creative Uses for Glitter Paper

Because our MirriSparkle paper is neither too light nor too heavy, it’s useful for a wide range of creative applications. Among the many different types of projects for which our MirriSparkle paper is ideal are:

  • Invitations and cardmaking
  • Making personalized packages or tags
  • Creating announcement cards, business cards, and menus
  • Decorative paper ornaments and embellishments
  • Unique scrapbooking design layouts
  • And more!

If you’re looking for creative ways to put our MirriSparkle glitter paper to good use, make sure you check out our blog. We’re always featuring new entries highlighting the creative genius of our crafting crew and you never know what you might find in there!

You can also follow us on our social media platforms for an extra helping of creative inspiration. Make sure to check us out on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and even YouTube for ideas for inspiration and even how-to guides!

Try Out a Sample

Not sure exactly what you’re going to create yet? Have a project idea that you want to put to the test?  Purchase glitter paper samples by the sheet.

They’re affordable and they ship free, and they’re also perfect if you just need a little bit of medium to get yourself started or to put the finishing touches on another craft project.

Contact Us If You Have Questions!

Looking for a little bit more help before you get started on your next crafting project? If you have questions about our MirriSparkle glitter paper or how you can use it, we’re always happy to help. Get in touch with us directly at 610-882-2071 or email us at info@cardstock-warehouse and we would be more than happy to help!

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