5 Fun Ways to Use Cardstock and Scrapbooking Paper

5 Fun Ways to Use Cardstock and Scrapbooking Paper

Cardstock and scrapbooking paper are amazing supplies to have on hand when you feel like expressing some creative energy and trying out new things. They come in a huge assortment of colors and finishes, so you will always be able to find exactly what you need, when you need it, at least when you go to Cardstock Warehouse for your supplies. As a head start or some inspiration to get your wheels turning, here are a few ideas for using cardstock and scrapbooking paper in your creative projects.

Add Stylish Coverings

Use your favorite colors or finishes of cardstock and scrapbooking paper to create new, stylish covers for some of the objects around your home, specifically any organizational tools. Add some color and life to the things you use everyday with a beautiful red mirror finish or a bright and cheery yellow. Measure and cut out your paper into panels, then adhere them to the sides of your storage containers, folders, notebook covers, etc. Wrap the entire item all the way around, from top to bottom, and consider adding a different color as lining on the inside. You can use the cardstock and scrapbooking paper as it is, or add designs to the paper before applying it. These will add some vibrancy and color into your daily routine and living space. Make normal elements of the home seem more fun and interesting.

Decorate an Organization Board

If you already have some sort of organization board in your home, this could be a great way to add fun and excitement to the layout. For those who do not already have one, organizational boards are essentially cork or dry erase boards hung up on the wall that are designed to keep track of tasks you need to do and daily inspiration to keep you going. It is a great way to make your normal routine more manageable and, when you add some decoration, potentially more inspiring. Take some time to decorate your board using die cuts of cardstock and scrapbooking paper. You can do really anything you want, as long as you find the end results beautiful and attention-grabbing. Cut out stars and arrows, create a glittery border, color code the different categories you have on your board. A little color and shine can change the way you see your daily to-do list. Visit the Cardstock Warehouse Blog for some cute letter board ideas.

Use Contrasting Finishes

This tip is flexible and can be used in any of your personal projects as a simple way to enhance your work and make details stand out more. Feel free to mix up the types of cardstock and scrapbooking paper you work with so that you have a whole range of finishes to work with. The various finishes of cardstock paper pair well with each other since each one creates such a distinct effect. Glitter paper catches the light uniquely and pops away from a matte finish naturally. Think of it this way, when you add sparkle on top of more sparkle, it all shines. But when you add sparkle to a matte base, there is a clear contrast between the two materials. When creating any of your projects, consider using different finishes of paper at once to create a more multi-dimensional design. Use this tip when creating scrapbook projects or larger decorations like banners. You might want to start with a matte base and layer glitter or mirror paper cut-outs on top of it to add depth and give the reflective paper something to stand apart from.

Create Paper Flowers

Pass on the pollen, but enjoy the beauty of plant life by creating your own paper flowers. These charming decorations make a lovely accent to the home and come with the added benefit of lasting much longer than an ordinary bouquet would. Just look up some ideas and templates for the exact types of flowers you would like to craft and get started. Be sure to also cut out lots of leaf designs in different shades of green to mix into the bouquet or stand on their own.  Create a few different types of plants and arrange them in a vase for display.

Make Your Own Stickers

This idea is incredibly fun and gives you a great activity to involve the kids in. To create your own stickers using cardstock and scrapbooking paper, you just need a mini sticker making machine, which can transform any paper you insert into a sticker by adding an adhesive backing. Create your own designs for stickers on paper and send them through the machine to get a sticker to use however you want. Add it to any of your projects, hand them out to kids as a reward, or just give yourself a sticker for fun.

Before you can work on any of these projects, you need to first have the right cardstock and scrapbooking paper to work with. Cardstock Warehouse has a wide range of options for you to choose from when it comes to color, size, weight, and finish. You can find the exact styles of paper you were looking for to get started on your next project or add some finishing details to past work. We listed out some fun ideas here for you to try out for yourself, but the possibilities are truly endless. Just pick up some paper that lights a spark inside you and see where it goes.

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