Best Types of Invitation Envelopes for Any Occasion

Best Types of Invitation Envelopes for Any Occasion

While it’s true that we are living in a mainly digitalized age, that does not mean that all forms and uses of paper have been lost. The physical appearance of paper alone is unique and cannot be replicated by an email or a text message, so there are still a plethora of ways we can, and should, use paper today.

One classic use of paper that falls into this arena is invitations. When you are looking to invite your friends and family to exciting events, whether they be birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, or other similar occasions, it’s more personal and emotion-evoking when you send paper invitations.

This is because sending paper invitations is the more traditional manner of informing and inviting guests to certain gatherings, which also has a close connection with formality. Because of this, sending email invitations is not as formal or personal.

When creating and sending invitations of any kind, you need to ensure you use the appropriate cardstock paper or other paper to get the desired response from the receiver. But, what about the invitation envelopes? These have almost equal importance to the invitations themselves.

There is a wide range of premium invitation envelopes available here at Cardstock Warehouse, so let’s take a closer look at each one so you can be one step closer to sending out the perfect invitations.

Matte Envelopes

Any object with a matte finish lacks a shimmer or shine, but certainly does not lack elegance. Envelopes with a matte finish look professional and stylish all at once. It’s unequaled in its formality and unique, solid look, as it focuses more so on simplicity. Fortunately, we have over 100 colors for these envelopes, along with three styles. All three are compatible with laser and inkjet printers


Our Colorplan matte-finish envelopes are in a solid tone. There are 16 stunning color choices to choose from, but all have the euro flap and a subtle antique vellum texture. This option is ideal for someone looking for an envelope that has a delicate style.


If vibrancy is what you are after in your invitation envelopes, then the Glo-Tone envelopes are just what you need. These options have square flaps and boast five bright, eye-popping colors: Yellow, Blue, Orchid, Orange, and Green.


If you need envelopes with a square flap but a wide range of beautiful colors, then the Pop-Tone envelopes are your saving grace. There are 24 yummy colors for you to choose from, furthering their attractiveness. These particular envelopes come in colors that range from Sweet Tooth to Black Licorice. They’re bound to satisfy anyone’s preference!

Naturals Envelopes

While creating any crafts with paper can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable, it’s no secret that doing so can have a negative impact on the environment. Paper manufacturing can have a drastic effect on every aspect of life, so minimizing it is something that everyone should strive for. That is where our Naturals envelopes line comes in.

All of these envelopes are 100% acid and lignin-free, which is both better for the environment and your crafts. These features alone are key for keeping color vibrancy and to disallow yellowing. But it doesn’t end there: these envelopes are made with recycled materials and are of archival quality. Plus, they’re chlorine and heavy metal-free!

The Naturals also feature square flaps while also being inkjet and laser printer compatible. They also come in three different designs.


Nothing is better than the classics. This is the ideal that the Foundations envelopes are looking to portray, as they boast several classic hues and colors for optimal professionalism and formality. This makes these envelopes perfect for nearly any occasion, but especially for more conventional gatherings.


The Kraft envelopes are created in Heartland with the help of wood fiber and have the unique feature of natural flecks, furthering their enamoring qualities. These envelopes come in three shades: Brown Box, Paper Bag, and Parcel Wrap.


Our Speckletone line of envelopes is made from natural and organic papers. They feature unique speckles of natural wood fiber, which furthers their earthy look. They are 100% recycled, yet work exceptionally well when being alongside informal or formal invitations, announcements, or other such papers.

This option also comes in nine beautiful colors to best complement nearly any color scheme.

Metallic Envelopes

Our metallic envelope line has one primary category: Stardream pearlescent envelopes. These particular envelopes are made in Italy and have a Euro flap along with a unique shimmer to them. This shimmer is subtle, as is the smooth metallic finish, making this option elegant and sublime for nearly any desired use.

On top of these already alluring features, they are of premium archival quality but also lignin, acid, chlorine, and heavy metal-free. Plus, they are pH neutral and fade resistant, furthering their lifespan and vibrancy. When looking for a lustrous elegance to stun anyone, opt for these fine envelopes to get the job done right.

Envelope Samples

If you are feeling at all apprehensive about purchasing numerous envelopes at once, not to worry, as we have envelope samples that you can try! If you are only considering purchasing one or a couple of our high-quality envelopes, you can purchase them via samples as well. You can buy them one by one and mix and match some of your favorites!

Plus, if you aren’t sure which envelope to pair with which paper or cardstock, you could also shop our samples of cardstock and paper as well! Try out these samples together to find the perfect look! Another added advantage of opting for these samples is that they also come with free shopping within the contiguous United States.

When looking for the right invitation envelopes to surround and help transport your precious invitations and other such papers to friends and family, you need the best of the best. If you have any questions about our envelopes, cardstock, or other offerings, please be sure to call us at 610-882-2071

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