DIY Invitation Envelope Liners

DIY Envelope Liners

Creating your own envelope liners is an easy way to really elevate your card making. Not only does it make the envelope feel nice and sturdy, but it also gives a "wow" factor when you open the envelope! Today we are going to show you how to create a liner template for any size envelope! 

Below you will find instructions for hand-cutting your own liners. However, if you have an electronic die-cutting machine, you can use the SVGs listed in the supply to create your stencils, and skip the measuring. 



DIY envelope liners supplies



To get started, we are going to choose some patterned papers to go with the envelopes we are lining. We chose some Straight Flap envelopes in the colors Parcel Wrap, True White, Paver Red, Brown Box Kraft, and Whip Cream. We will cover Euro Flap envelopes after these. 


DIY envelope liners Paper Choices


Take a sheet of white cardstock and trace your envelope onto the sheet. 


Tracing envelope onto cardstock


Measure the top of your envelope where the sealing strip is so that you can be sure your liner will sit below the sealing glue. 


Measuring glue strip on envelope


Using that measurement, draw a line across the top of your liner template. 


Drawing guidelines on envelope liner template


Then measure 1/4" from the left and right side of your envelope and draw a line on each side. 


Drawing guidelines on envelope liner template


Next, measure 1/4" on the diagonal sections at the top and draw a line. 


Drawing guidelines on envelope liner template


Cut out your template with scissors. 


Cutting out envelope liner template


Check to make sure your template fits in your envelope. 


Checking template fit


Now trace your liner template onto the back of a piece of patterned paper. Do not worry if your lines aren't perfect. No one will see them once you are done. 


Tracing template onto patterned paper for envelope liner


Cut your liner out around the lines you traced. 


Cutting out envelope liner on patterned paper


Add a strip of adhesive to the very top of the envelope liner. Since the rest of the liner will sit inside the envelope, there is no need to glue the sides of the liner. Gluing it at the top only will allow it to sit securely, but still fold properly when you close the envelope.


Adding adhesive to envelope liner


Insert the liner with adhesive into the envelope and line it up just below where the glue strip is. 


Adding envelope liner to envelope


If you need a better visual, you can watch the whole process video below! 



Just that easy! Look how beautiful these Straight Flap envelopes are with their new flair! Now just add a card and send it off in the post to make someone's day! 


Lined envelopes from Cardstock Warehouse


To make things easier, we created a template for each envelope size we carry so we can have them on hand anytime we want to line an envelope. Simply trace and cut and you're done!


Stack of envelope liner templates
Finished envelopes with liners



Making envelope liners for Euro Flap envelopes is even easier than making Straight Flap liners. You will start out with the same supplies as above. 

Lay an open Euro Flap envelope on a piece of sturdy white cardstock and trace it. I like to use 100lb Sweet Tooth cardstock so I have a template to use for all further liners. Then cut it out with scissors around the traced lines. 


tracing euro flap envelope to make liner


Once you have your liner tracing cut out, measure 1/4 inch on the left and right side and draw a line on each side using a ruler. Draw another line one inch from the bottom of the template as well. Cut the two sides and bottom off along those lines. Now your liner template is ready to go! 


drawing cut lines onto envelope liner template


You can trace this onto the back of a sheet of patterned paper and glue it into any Euro Flap envelope.


lined euro flap envelope


You can use this same technique to create a liner for each size of envelope you use. 


lined Euro Flap envelopes


Making your own cards and envelope liners? We would love to see them! Tag us in your creations on Facebook and Instagram using hashtag #cardstockwarehouse for a chance to be feature on our page. You can also view a reel of this project here!

Happy Crafting! 


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