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3D Valentine's Day Heart Toppers

3D Valentine's Day Heart Toppers

Hi crafters! Kayla here from HoneyBee Paper.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and who doesn’t love a quick and easy DIY to add to just about anything for a little pop?

Today, I am going to show you how to make heart toppers that you can add to cupcakes, stacks of cookies, stacks of mini donuts, use as vase filler, or attach to mason jars full of treats. So many possibilities! 

Let’s gather our supplies.

What you need:

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Valentines Day 65lb Pop-Tone Multi-Pack (8.5" x 11" OR 12" x 12" will work great)
    • Sweet Tooth White 65lb Pop-Tone Paper
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Cutting Machine or a Paper Cutter
  • Clear Cake Pop Sticks

First, you'll cut your strips. if you’re using a cutting machine, open a new project and insert a rectangle. Then you will want to resize the rectangle to the desired length and width of each strip of paper. For reference, I made my strips 6” long by 0.5” wide. You can also use a paper cutter to cut your strips. Either way works great. 

cut strips for valentine heart toppers

Next, take one strip of paper, gently fold it over (but don’t crease it) and place a small dot of glue to adhere the two ends.

creating heart pieces for valentine heart toppers

Next, take another strip and do the same thing. Now you should have two tear drop looking pieces. Keep repeating this process with your different colors until you have a bunch.

paper teardrop shapes for valentine heart toppers

Now, place a small dab of hot glue onto the bottom of one of the pieces and place the clear cake pop stick onto the glue. Do the same to the other side. You should now have two pieces attached together with the stick in the middle.

gluing teardrop pieces together to make 3d hearts

I placed a small dab of glue in the middle of the two strips to secure it into a heart shape.

Continue this process until you have the desired amount. Here's a quick video!  

And there we have it! A fun little crafty addition to add to just about anything!

finished 3d heart toppers

I used mine to add to candy jars for friends and a decorative piece for yummy donuts for my kids! You can also stick them in plants or even a jar and put it on your dining room table. Something else you could do is use them as drink stirrers since the sticks are plastic. The possibilities are endless!

3d Valentine's Day Heart Toppers

Making your own? We'd love to see your creations! Show us your creations on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Crafting! 


IG: @honeybeepaperco_

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