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Fortune Cookie Take Out Box

Fortune Cookie Take Out Box

Have you ever needed a little hug, a little smile or a couple of chocolate chip cookies (they always make me feel better) to help make your day just a bit brighter? I can’t give you a physical chocolate chip cookie – BUT I can give you a {virtual} hug and a smile. ☺ Also, I can help YOU make someone else’s day a BIT brighter. These small little to-go boxes are all you’ll need to give your loved one a little daily "pick-me-up." In turn you will feel better knowing that you made someone’s day a bit brighter. Let me show you how.


  • A FREE Take-Out Box Template
  • Circle metal die or punch
  • Coordinating Patterned Paper
  • Jewelry Wire and Tools (optional)
  • Stapler
  • Printed Encouraging Sentiment Short Phrases (make these as personal as possible)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Handheld Hole Punch

Start out by importing the template into your cutting machine OR tracing the template onto your Gold card stock. I used a template I already had in my cutting machine files but found a similar one for you to use which is linked above. You can also use any other box template you find on your machine's software.  

fortune cookie box die cut from Cricut Design Space

After you have your base cut out, trace or cut the little square in the front and back of the box. We will be using patterned paper to add pizazz. I cut the first layer using Limeade Green and the second using Pink Lemonade. Then I finished off with a little square of patterned paper to match. 

 decorative panels for outside of fortune cookie box

Crease/ Score your box template per the instructions. 

assembling paper fortune cookie take out box

Before hot gluing anything down (this is completely optional BUT it makes for a more realistic piece) use your hole punch to add a small hole on the sides of the box – near the top. (I forgot to take a pic – but you will see the hole in the next frames)  We will be adding the jewelry wire here. I used my pliers to curve the wire and pinch the ends to form a shape that I can insert into the sides as a handle.

bending jewelry wire to make a box handle

Gently insert the wire into the punched holes and secure. 

adding wire to fortune cookie box

I added a little staple to both sides to close – ‘cause that’s what they do when I order Shrimp Fried Rice ☺ 

Stapling take out box sides closed

Now take your sheet of Encouraging Sentiment short phrases and cut them into strips. Cut and print enough the fill your take-out box. I had about 14 messages. 

printed fortune cookie messages

Once that’s all done – it's time to make the fortune "cookies." Cut small round circles in patterned paper. I cut mine down to 2.5 inches. 

patterned circles for paper fortune cookies

Fold in half and crease. Open it up and fold in the opposite direction and crease. 

creasing paper fortune cookies

With the patterned paper on the outside, face the open edge to the left and hold firmly. 

folding paper fortune cookie

Use your other hand to push LIGHTLY in the center (where the folds intersect) while holding the open edge at the same time. This will create the "cookie" shape. 

creasing center of paper fortune cookie

Once the folded edge has the indent, squeeze the sides together to get a good shape. 

folding up paper fortune cookie

Open the cookie back up and insert a phrase strip and close again. 

adding message to center of fortune cookie

Depending on the weight of the patterned paper you used this may stay closed or may pop back open. If it pops back open, don’t fret – use a TINY bit of hot glue to hold the two sides together. I put a dot right in the middle of the two sides. 

finished paper fortune cookie

Make a bunch more and add them to the box.

filling finished box with paper fortune cookies

Layer your front and back card stock squares together. I cut each layer a bit smaller than the previous one. I adhered mine together using my sewing machine just because I wanted to be super fancy, but you can definitely use hot, wet, or dry glue.

decorating sides of take out box with sewn patterned paper

I fussy cut some ephemera from one of my paper collections and added them to my box as well. Yeah, I stitched those too!! Told ya I wanted to be fancy!! (side note: I probably won’t stitch the other three I need to make, lol) 

 sewn embellishments for fortune cookie box

We are all done!!! Now you just need to find someone to give this cute little handmade gift and BRIGHTEN their day!! See? I told you this would be fun!! Disclaimer: these cookies are NOT edible ☺ 

paper fortune cookie take out box

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find this helpful and useful. Please be sure to leave a comment to let us know what you think. If you’re fancy – tag us on Facebook or Instagram. You can use the hashtag #cardstockwarehouse to be featured on our page!



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