3D Lips Paper Art Sculpture

3D Lips Paper Art Sculpture

Hey there! It’s Kira and I am back with a fresh tutorial using some gorgeous papers from Cardstock Warehouse! Today, I’ll be showing you a step by step on how I created this 3D set of paper lips.  


supplies for 3d lips paper sculpture

3D paper crafts were something I fell into during 2020. While everyone else was immersing themselves in baking or puzzles, I got sucked into the art of paper crafts. If you are a puzzle lover, and also a paper crafter, this might be the hobby for you! (I personally love puzzles, and find the art of putting together one of these paper sculptures so relaxing.)

3d lips paper sculpture

You can find pretty much any object on Etsy (which is where I found this one), but simpler ones are sometimes available for free if you search on Pinterest. They all include a .pdf of the pieces and instructions on how to put it together. But more about my project…

detail shot of 3d lips paper sculpture

I loved the look of these lips I had found, and knew I could find the perfect Cardstock Warehouse papers to really make this project pop! I started by printing all of my pieces on my card stock. (You shouldn’t have to resize, but you could if you wanted to.) I chose Red Hot for my lips, Candy Pink for my tongue, Pure White for my teeth and Paver Red for the backing piece (not seen, but makes the inside of the mouth look darker).  

templates for 3d paper lips sculpture

Then I spent a little bit of time in front of my television while I cut out all of the pieces. It’s a pretty tedious task, and some shops will convert the file into an .svg if you prefer to use your electronic die cut machine. Tip: make sure your printer ink is completely dry before beginning to cut to avoid smearing ink on your clean card stock.  

cut template pieces for 3d lip sculpture

Once all your pieces are cut out, it’s time to score and fold everything. I use my foam paper piecing mat, a bone folder and a ruler to complete this job.  

Scoring lines on templates

After all the pieces are scored and folded in the right direction, you’re ready to put everything together.  

Cut card stock pieces for 3d paper lips sculpture

It’s recommended that you use a strong, liquid glue to attach all of your pieces. I like to use one that is not too fast drying that it dries before you get the placement right, nor one that is too slow to dry where you are waiting literal minutes for each piece. My favorite I have found so far for this hobby is iCraft Mixed Media Adhesive. It has a strong hold, and dries quickly, while still giving me the wiggle room to adjust as needed. Tip: keep your hands clean by either keeping some baby wipes handy, or washing your hands frequently. The glue residue is bound to end up on your hands, which could easily transfer to your card stock and create unsightly smudges.  

gluing pieces for paper sculpture

And once all of your pieces are adhered…tada!! A wonderful piece of home décor!  I love doing these during holidays for a fun statement piece above my fireplace, but they’re so neat, that you will want to put them everywhere! Tip:  attach picture hanging strips to the backing piece of card stock BEFORE attaching the backing to your project for ease of hanging at completion.  

finished 3d lips paper sculpture tutorial

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