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Unicorn Party Hat with Flowers

Unicorn Party Hat with Flowers

Hello, everyone, it's me, Shondell, of The CraftPrint.  

Most themes come and go but Unicorns are here to stay. There's so many ways you can make this theme come to life. I'm going to help you create one of the cutest party hats for your guest of honor. 

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Grape Jelly, Blu Raspberry, & Cotton Candy (from the Merry-Go-Round Collection)
    • Gold Mirror
    • White Diamond Inkjet Printable Glitter
    • Pure White
  • Cutting Machine (Im using a Cricut & Design Space) 
  • Cricut Cut Files
  • Foam Circles 
  • Glue Gun
  • ¼ inch ribbon  

Unicorn Party Hat Paper Swatches

This project does have a few steps and use quite a few files but I'm going to make it easy for you. This link will take you straight to the project in Cricut Design Space with all items needed and already sized for you. All you have to do is click “Make It” to send the project to your machine. 

These files are all a part of Cricut Access.  

Unicorn Party Hat Cricut Design Space Files

I set my Cricut Maker to cut Heavy Watercolor Paper-140lbs. If you’re using a Cricut Air, you can set it to cut the Poster Board. 

Once you’ve cut out all of the pieces, it's time to assemble. 

Unicorn Party Hat Die Cut Pieces 

Let's start with the base, which is the hat. There's a tab on one side, fold the two ends of it inward. Then insert it into the slot on the other side of the hat. Once it's inserted, flit the hat, and from the inside, you’re going to open back up those two flaps. 

Unicorn Party Hat Assembly

Set the hat aside and now you’re going to work on assembling the pieces 

Unicorn Party Hat Topper


For the flower,  bend the petals upward, use the glue gun to glue the gold center, then glue that flower to the back layer of the flower.  Repeat the process for all three flowers. 

I really love these flowers, they’re seriously so cute and you can make more to use on any other decorations for your event. 

Next, glue the Unicorn horn and ears together. (Gold layer on top).  Now you can glue the ears to the horn  and the flowers on top of that. 

Unicorn Party Hat Topper

The fully assembled unicorn horn gets glued to the tip of the hat. Don't glue it too close to the top, move down about an inch and a half so it's sturdy. 

The number one (or whatever number you use) goes directly underneath the horn.  Use the foam circles to put the number on the hat so it gives a 3D affect. You can dab a little hot glue on the foam to make sure it sticks to the glitter cardstock better. 

Unicorn Party Hat Topper Close Up

For the lower “Happy Birthday” banner, put the two pieces together with the foam circles. Then use the foam circles to put the banner on the hat, but dab a little hot glue on it so it's secure on the glitter paper. (Just like you did with the number) 

Unicorn Party Hat Happy Birthday Banner

Last but not least, glue the ribbon on the inside of the hat. I just used a dot of the hot glue. 

Unicorn Party Hat Adding Ribbon


Finished Unicorn Party Hat

Thank you for crafting along with me, I hope you enjoyed this project and I look forward to seeing your creations.  

Don't forget to share with us on Facebook or Instagram and use the #cardstockwarehouse hashtag for a chance to be featured. 

 Happy Crafting,



IG: @TheCraftPrint

Youtube: The CraftPrint

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