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DIY Forever Bouquet Paper Flower Box

DIY Forever Bouquet Paper Flower Box

Have you ever received a beautiful bouquet of flowers and wanted them to last forever? No matter how great of a green thumb you have – it still won’t last forever. So to keep that memory alive, you dry the bouquet and stick it in a memory album to remember it forever. Here is an idea that you can make to give to someone else (or keep for yourself, like I did) so they can have it forever. It’s called the ‘Forever Bouquet’. Let me show you how to make it.


Start out by cutting (or die cutting) the organizer box file. It really is an organizer box but I like to purchase things I can use in multiple ways, as in this case. I used my Cherry Wood Veneer paper for the base. I was worried that the wood would (ha ha) break when I ran it through my cutting machine – but NOPE! It went through just fine and cut like buttah. 

Cherry Wood Veneer die cut pieces to create a box

There is no tutorial that comes with this file but it is super simple to put together. We are simply forming 4 boxes. There are perforated marks where you should fold, already in the file. Just hot glue together. There should be 4 short and 4 long boxes. 

Assembling pieces for flower box

Once you have the individual boxes put together, glue them together. 1 short piece attaches to 1 long piece. 

attaching pieces of cherry wood veneer box

When you have them all together correctly they should look like this. 

Assembled walls of cherry wood veneer box

Included in the file is a rectangle finishing piece. Hot glue this to the bottom of your planter. 

finished Cherry Wood Veneer box

Now it time to add the green foam. This is super easy to cut. In fact, I used one of my bamboo skewers to do so. Just add foam to the inside of the box, cut off the excess, and level off the top. 

 adding floral foam to cherry wood veneer box

Grab your dry moss and start attaching pieces to the top with hot glue. 

moss and floral foam box

I used globs to ensure that it would not fall off. I wanted it to be full and hang over the edge slightly. 

Adding moss to Cherry Wood Veneer Box

Now let’s play with flowers! Using my Opal Metallic, Pink Lemonade and Pure White card stock, I cut my SVG file. I sized them to create 3 large flowers and 6 small ones. I used 2 petals for the large and 3 petals for the smaller flowers. You can make yours with a variety of different colors or keep it simple – like mine. This color combo is perfect for Mother’s day. 

die cut flower petals for paper flowers

Poke a hole in the middle of your flowers all at the same time. This will ensure that the petals are as even as possible. I’m using the small flower in Opal Metallic as my example. 

Flower die cuts with wood skewer

Using a pompom or a small piece of cotton ball, add that to the top of the skewer using hot glue. This will keep the skewer attached to the flower to be able to stick in the planter. 

adding cotton ball onto wood skewer

Use your marker to gently curve up and shape your petals. Center the marker on the petal and slowly wrap the petal around to create this shape. Do this to all of the petals. 

rounding petals for paper flowers

On one of the largest petals only (per set) use your paint brush to curl the top tips of the petals outward. Each set should have one of these. 

curling outward petals

This is how it looks flipped over. 

outward petals flipped over

Press the bottom end of the skewers through the hole of the smallest petal. Add glue to the underside just before pulling to the cotton stopper. It should look like this:

adding cotton to wood skewer

Wrap the petal around the ball – not too tightly. Just enough to attach. It should look something like this. Remember every flower is unique in its own way ;-)

starting paper flower center on wood skewer

Add the second petal the same way.

attaching base flower petals to skewer

Now for the last petal, add it on the skewer like you did in the previous steps. This time add glue closer to the base of the petal. This allows the folded over edge to show and “bloom.”

adding final paper flower petals to wood skewer

Cut off the bamboos skewers to the desired length. You want them tall enough to peek out of the moss and planter, but short enough for the “stems” not to show. You could also cover the skewers with green plant tape. 

finished flowers on skewers

Add your flowers where you want them placed. You could add a drop of glue to the end of the skewer for added security, it is not necessary though.  Here is how mine turned out. 

finished flowers in cherry wood veneer box

Now I wanted a little ‘pizazz’ so I decided to add a shiny metallic ribbon bow and stickles to the tops of my flower petals. A little sparkle never hurt anyone. This now completes my “Forever Bouquet.” 

DIY Paper Flower Box with Cherry Wood Veneer Paper

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and will try this at home. If you don’t try anything else – the Cherry Wood Veneer Cardstock it a MUST! 

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