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Paper Planet Solar System

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In this video our lead designer, Erica, creates paper planets to make a paper solar system! 



Whether they are for your classroom, child's room, a birthday party, or just to play with, these paper planets are out of this world! (Cut files from Cricut Solar System cartridge, available in Cricut Design Space.)


  • Sun: Banana Split, Lemon Drop, Orange Fizz
  • Mercury: Pale grey, Real Grey, Smoke Grey
  • Venus: Orange Fizz, Lemon Drop
  • Earth: Turquoise, Park Green
  • Mars: Claret, Fuchsia Pink, Candy Pink
  • Jupiter: Claret, Orange Fizz, Lemon Drop
  • Saturn: Lemon Drop, Orange Fizz, Fuchsia Pink
  • Uranus: Imperial Blue, Park Green, Azure Blue
  • Neptune: Real Grey, Imperial Blue, Turquoise

In the photos below, a small and large set of planets were used to decorate for a birthday party! 

Paper Planet Solar System Party