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Q&A On Metallic Cardstock

Q&A On Metallic Cardstock

Looking for a new line of metallic cardstock to use with your next big project? Ask the right questions first and you won’t find yourself halfway through a project with paper that just can’t stack up. It is not the time to discover that your metallic cardstock just won’t produce a clean edge along folds and creases once you start making folds and cuts.

You take pride in your crafts - take pride in your raw materials and spend your money wisely.

Hopefully, these questions will clear up some of your concerns about using metallic cardstock in your next craft. If you don’t see yours here, please get in touch with us at 610-882-2071 or by email at!

What type of coating is applied to these metallic cardstocks?

Coated cardstocks can potentially represent finer levels of detail that make your crafts really “pop,” especially when you print or stamp on them. Certain coatings can also improve ink retention and printing quality.

Both our Stardream line and our Mirricard Mirror lines feature unique coatings. The Stardream line, which is available in 25 unique colors, including Gold, Silver, and Copper, is finished with a durable, flexible mica coating that delivers a beautiful luster.The Mirricard Mirror line of metallic cardstocks also features a high quality laminate film coating.

Where can I find a dual-sided metallic cardstock?

Not all of our metallic cardstock lines are dual sided. Some, like our Mirricard Mirror and MirriSparkle lines, are single-sided with a white, non-adhesive back. However, our Stardream line is dual-sided, solid-core, and archival quality. Because it is dual-sided, it’s perfect for folding, cutting, and for crafts where you need vibrant color throughout.

Can I use any of these for die-cutting?

Many of our cardstock lines, including some of our metallic cardstocks, can be used for die or machine cutting. The Mirricard Mirror, Stardream, MirriSparkle, and Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter paper can all be cut easily and cleanly by hand and machine.

Not all paper and cardstock folds easily, and some do not take well to scoring or creasing. Our Mirrisparkle, Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter, Stardream, and even our Mirricard Mirror paper with its laminate coating, are all fold and score friendly.

Can I print on metallic cardstock?

It depends on the line of paper and the type of printer. Some metallic cardstocks are printer-friendly, depending on the capabilities of the printer.

Stardream: Stardream cardstock is suitable for digital and laser printing. It’s also available in two weights; 81 lb Text and 105 lb Cover. The heavier weight is still printer compatible, providing the printer can handle the weight of the paper. It can also be used for letterpress projects, screening, foil stamping, embossing, engraving, and thermography.

Mirricard Mirror: Our Mirricard Mirror cardstocks can be used for laser printing. They can also be used for offset printing, screening, foil blocking, embossing, and debossing.

MirriSparkle: Because our MirriSparkle paper will not shed, it can be used for offset and laser printing as long as the printer is suitable for the paper’s weight. (MirriSparkle is 104 lb Cover and 280 gsm). It can also be used for foil stamping, embossing, silk screen, and engraving.

Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter: Our Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter paper is suitable for inkjet printing only. It’s a great alternative to MirriSparkle if you need an inkjet-compatible glitter paper that won’t shed glitter and doesn’t have a rough, sandpaper-like feel.

Can I glue on any of these cardstocks?

Our Mirricard Mirror metallic cardstock has a non-adhesive white back which makes it perfect for those projects that only require one side to show. However, we don’t recommend using liquid adhesive with this paper. Instead, for a finer finish, opt for a solid adhesive such as Scor tape. It’s easier to use and much cleaner than liquid glue. For more information on adhesives, consult our Paper 101 Guide.

What sorts of crafts can I use metallic cardstock for?

Our metallic cardstock lines are suitable for a wide range of different craft projects, including but not limited to the following:

  • Invitations
  • Announcements
  • Cardmaking
  • Scrapbooking
  • Calligraphy
  • Tags and paper packaging
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Paper flowers (81 lb Text weight papers only)
  • Stationery
  • Menus
  • Paper ornaments
  • Other decorative paper crafts

If you’re looking for specific ideas on how to get creative with our metallic cardstock paper, please make sure to check out our blog and our YouTube channel. We feature a wide range of ideas for inspiration and different tutorials, many of them with step-by-step instructions!

Is it acid-free?

Acid-free paper is resistant to fading, changes in color, and the brittleness and natural breakdown that occurs in paper over time. The manufacture of acid-free paper is also significantly less harmful to the environment. 

Our metallic cardstock paper is not only acid-free, but also lignin, chlorine and heavy metal-free, and pH neutral. As a result, it’s fade resistant, perfect for high-quality paper crafts that have staying power and flashy, vibrant colors!

All That Glitters Is...Metallic Cardstock (and Glitter Paper!)

Take a look through our metallic cardstocks, which include colorful glitter papers as well, which won’t shed on you and have a pleasant, smooth finish. They’re suitable for a wide range of crafts and you can even buy sample sheets or get a bulk discount on purchases. 

Check our product pages or contact us for specifics, but we generally offer volume discounts of up to 15% off, depending on quantity. If you’re going to be working on a large project, don’t spread your purchases out - buy in bulk and save!

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