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5 Key Features of the Best Cardstock Papers

5 Key Features of the Best Cardstock Papers

As a paper crafter, you know just how common it is to come across paper that is low-quality and can negatively affect your final product. When you walk into various stores and shops, it is no surprise to you when you discover more subpar papers on their shelves than the high-quality papers you desire and require.

That is where we come in at Cardstock Warehouse. We proudly provide our paper crafting aficionados with the highest quality cardstock papers available so their creations can be their absolute best. Not only that, but we also have envelopes that are of matching quality.

We know cardstock, and want you to be able to tell the difference between unworthy and sublime cardstock papers. Let’s dive into the various features the best cardstock will have so you can finally stock your paper collection with only the best.

1.Acid and Lignin-Free
One of the most important features of any high-quality cardstock is being both acid and lignin-free. This is because lignin in paper, and acidic paper in general, can not only cause issues with your project, but also to our environment.

Lignin is naturally found in plant cell walls, which is what accounts for paper’s acidic nature. When cardstock, or any type of paper, has lignin within it, it will make the paper acidic. Acidic paper will discolor and ultimately deteriorate quickly. For example, yellowed newspapers from decades ago are acidic.

On top of the effect on your paper craft, lignin and acid can have a detrimental effect on the environment. During the traditional paper manufacturing process, harmful pollutants are emitted, which lead to the production of greenhouse gases, general air pollution, and other such issues.

However, when you choose cardstock papers that do not have acid or lignin within them, you’re making a much better choice for yourself and the environment. Not only will you have reduced any negative impacts on the environment, but you will also have stunning crafts that will last a significantly longer time all the while maintaining their beauty!

2.Archival Quality

If you really desire the highest quality paper around, then you should always opt for those of archival quality. This type of paper is not only acid-free (so you know for sure it is durable, long-lasting, and efficient), but is used by various professional entities, like newspapers and other similar publications.

Archival quality cardstock papers are the best option for you if you’re looking for the most professional paper option that can not only vastly improve your creations, but also better protect our Earth from harm.

3.Heavy Metal and Chlorine-Free
During the paper manufacturing process, a lot can happen, even unwanted ingredients slipping into the mix. This is especially true for recycled papers, but can be true of nearly any type of paper as well. Heavy metals and chlorine are two examples of such undesirable materials.

When a person is overexposed to heavy metals, a number of health problems can arise. You can experience fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, heart issues, issues with your nervous system (numbness, weakness, etc.) and much more.

Chlorine can lead to irreversible effects on the environment. It specifically is poisonous to fish, so when it gets into water sources, it can cause sickness or death to water creatures. This is indeed a form of water pollution we shouldn’t have to subject our Earth to.

By choosing paper that lacks heavy metals and chlorine, you are making the right decision for not only your health and well-being, but also our environment’s.

4.Ease of Scoring

When you are crafting with cardstock paper, the last thing you want to happen is unclean, unprofessional, or cracked folds when attempting to fold it. That is where scoring can come in handy so you can properly and neatly fold your paper.

However, some cardstock papers are more difficult to score than others, resulting in potential messes and poor results. That is why you should only consider purchasing cardstock that is easy to score (remember to test the paper grain as well before scoring).

5.Fade-Resistant and Colorful

Pictured: Colorplan Cardstock Paper - 65 lb. Cover

At the end of the day, the aesthetic of your paper is one of the most important features.That is why the most high-quality cardstock has the cleanest, most vivid colors available. They should also be fade-resistant, as you know you want and need your craft to have longevity while keeping its original color and vividity.

Are you ready to supply yourself with the best cardstock papers available? Then you don’t have to go far, as all of our cardstock paper here at Cardstock Warehouse is of the highest quality and have the aforementioned features. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 610-882-2071. We can’t wait to provide you with the best paper products for your paper creations!

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