DIY Magnetic Valentine Bookmarks

DIY Magnetic Valentine Bookmarks

Every year my daughter brings home an entire bag of store-bought valentines from school, and every year 95% of it ends up in the trash. All the waste makes me crazy, so this year I thought "why not make something they can use all year?" These magnetic valentine bookmarks are sure to be a hit in her classroom this year! 


To get started you will need the following things:

I modified a few creatures from the Create a Critter cartridge on Cricut Design Space to make them all have little hearts on them. Then I cut out all the pieces using the papers and these Cricut Design Space files. (The file is set up to create 30 bookmarks, but you can use the copy/paste feature to add more if you need them!) 


Once you have all of your pieces cut, it is time to assemble them. I started by assembling all my animal pieces. You can use the diagram below to help you assemble your pieces in the correct order. 

Valentine Magnetic Bookmark Critter Assembly

Once you have your critters assembled, attach the magnets to the bookmark strip.

*Tip: stick the two magents to each other first, then peel off the adhesive and fold the paper strip over them. This ensures that your magnets will attract each other in the correct place. If they don't line up properly, they may repel eachother.*

How to attach Magnets to magnetic valentine bookmarks

Once your bookmark strip is made, you can now attach your animal to the outside of the strip. You can view the entire assembly process in this video:

Once you have your bookmarks assembled, print and cut out these cards. (There are 4 to a page, so print as many pages as you need.) I printed mine on 100# Pure White. You can leave the corners square or use a corner-rounder punch to round them off. Then have your child sign their name next to the pink heart at the bottom. 

Magnetic Bookmark Printable Card

That's it! Aren't they easy? My daughter and I cannot wait to pass them out to her class next week! 

DIY Magnetic Valentine Bookmarks Close Up

 DIY Magnetic Valentine Bookmarks Close Up

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Happy Crafting!

-Erica (Lead Designer)

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    Hi Heather,
    We don’t have anything specific for this for the holidays, but you could always search your die cutting machine’s files for a snowman, snowflake, reindeer, or another holiday icon, and then assemble the bookmarks in the same way! You can attach just about anything to the magnetic bookmark portion.

    Cardstock Warehouse

    I made this for my sons class last February! Was curious is you had something similar for Christmas?!?!


    Omg I love your bookmarks I don’t think I’ve seen anything more adorable. Where did you get your magnetic strips?

    michele Christensen

    These are so adorable! Love the cute critters and double-duty as bookmarks and magnets too!


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