Valentine Heart Shaker Tags

Heart Shaker Valentine Tags

Love is in the air!!! Today we are going to make some cute shaker tags! They can be used for treat bags or to decorate with. Let's get started!

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers:
    • Bright White Colorplan 100lb
    • Fuchsia Pink Colorplan 100lb
    • Candy Pink Colorplan 100lb
    • Purple Colorplan 100lb
  • Bearly Art™ Precision Craft Glue
  • Die Cutting Machine (Cricut or similar)
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Acetate
  • Glitter or Polymer Clay Sprinkles
  • Cut File can be found on Auntie Tay

supplies for heart shaker tags


First, cut all your pieces out and sort them so each shaker has all their pieces together. 


die cut pieces for heart shakers

I am choosing the “LOVE” tag to start with. We are going to build the shaker part first. You will need the outline heart pieces & acetate. Set the acetate and one of the heart outline pieces to the side. Next, take the rest of the outline pieces and glue them together. This creates the area where the shaker bits will move around. Once you have all the pieces glued together, glue the acetate piece on top, and then glue the other outline piece you set to the side on top of the acetate.

 gluing together heart layers and adding acetate

Turn the acetate heart over and fill it with glitter or clay pieces and set them to the side. Take the "LOVE" and the white back and glue them together.

adding shaker filler and gluing on back of shaker

Now you are going to glue the LOVE heart onto the shaker part. Add your glue to the LOVE heart and then flip it over and line it up on top of the shaker.


gluing together shaker heart tag

Finally, glue the heart shaker to the purple back piece and add ribbon or twine. Repeat all of these steps with the other two heart shaker tags!


gluing together shaker heart pieces to make tag

Now you are ready to use adorable shaker tags to decorate or to add an extra touch to your Valentine's Day Gifts!

Valentine's Day Heart Shaker Tags

Heart Shaker Tags Staged

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Happy Crafting!
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