Glossy Accents Flower Frame Card

Glossy Accents Flower Frame Card

Spring is here - that means flowers! Flower cards are perfect for so many celebratory moments - Spring, Mother’s Day, Thank You and Congratulations come to mind. I made a Glossy Flower Frame “Congrats” card using Colorplan and Speckletone cardstock. I utilized glossy accents on the inside of the die cut flower scraps for an artistic effect that makes the flower pop (think 80s puffy stickers).


To get started, I cut a standard A2 card base out of True White cardstock. I scored the cardbase so the fold was at the top of the card. For the inside of the cardbase, I cut a panel measuring 4” x 5 ¼” out of Mid-Green. I cut a second panel for the inside of the card out of True White, measuring 3 ¾” x 5”.

For the front of the card, I cut a panel measuring 3 ¼ x 5 ½” from the Amethyst cardstock. I used a border die on the Amethyst panel running top to bottom.

To create a window in my cardbase, I aligned the flower frame die cut in the top center on the outside cover of my unfolded cardbase.  I ran it through the die cut machine. I did the same to the front Amethyst panel making sure the two aligned, then adhered the Amethyst panel to the front of the card. I adhered the 4” x 5 ¼” Mid-Green panel to the inside of the cardbase using liquid adhesive.  I temporarily attached the True White panel measuring 3 ¾” x 5” to the inside of the card using sticky tack.  

cut cardstock paper pieces for glossy accents card

Next, I die cut the flower frame from Mid-GreenNew Blue and Azure Blue. I weeded the Mid-Green die cut, saving the outer frame which outlines the flowers and the scraps inside the leaves. Using liquid adhesive, I attached the Mid-Green die cut flower frame to the True White panel on the inside of the card. I made sure to center the die cut and lift the cover of the card.

die cut flower pieces for glossy accents card

I used liquid adhesive to glue the scraps inside the Mid-Green leaves onto the inside white panel with the outline die cut. I repeated the process using the weeding scraps from New Blue and Azure Blue. When complete, I used a paintbrush to cover the inside flower pieces with a thick layer of glossy accents. I set this aside to dry. Next, I cut a “scripty congrats” sentiment from New Blue and Azure Blue and placed a layer of glossy accents on top of the cut in New Blue. I set this aside to dry as well.

assembling glossy accents card

When the glossy accents dried, I adhered the True White panel on the inside of the card and the layered sentiment to the front of the card with liquid glue.

Finished glossy accents card

Wasn't that easy?

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Happy Crafting!

Traci Selig  

IG: @tracicrafty


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