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Father's Day Paper Pinwheel Ribbon

Father's Day Paper Pinwheel Ribbon

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I started trying to wrap my brain around what I could make my Dad and my husband. When it comes to Mother’s Day, it’s so much easier for me to make things! The most important thing we always want to impress on them with Father’s Day is how much we appreciate them and how great of a dad they are, and what better way to do that then to give them their very own Red Ribbon?! NO COUNTY FAIR REQUIRED!!!

Fathers Day Best Dad Cardstock Paper Ribbon Supplies

I made a classic red ribbon, but feel free to customize and jazz it up however you’d like. Here’s what I used:

Fathers Day Best Dad Cardstock Paper Ribbon Design Space

Fathers Day Best Dad Cardstock Paper Ribbon Cut Pieces


First, you will want to cut out your pieces. I found an image from Cricut’s access service that I used to know sizes in relation to each other, but you can easily copy and create them yourselves off the pictures I have included. I also wanted to make a more pronounced “JUMBO” sized ribbon to make it more fun, so feel free to adjust where needed. You will need two circles (4.75 inches), one circle with stripes for overlay (4.75 inches), five rectangles scored every ½ inch to make the pinwheel (4 x 7 inches), and the lettering (“#1 DAD” - 2.75 x 3.75 inches ).

Fathers Day Best Dad Cardstock Paper Ribbon Folding

Once you have the paper cut, you’ll first make the fan. This means you will fold each rectangle, like an accordion, along the scored lines. Then glue each accordion together, with your Zig glue pen, by gluing the small lip to the next edge as illustrated in the picture, and proceed until you have one long accordion. Then glue the start and the end together to create a large circle.

Fathers Day Best Dad Cardstock Paper Ribbon Pinwheel

Now, this part can be tricky, but once you're done with this it’s smooth sailing! You’re going to want to flatten the circle out so it lays flat which will require you to maneuver it and then hold it down firmly. This is where the two circles come into play. With your hot glue gun, use lots of glue on the pinwheel and press the red circle firmly in the center. If you don't use enough glue or let it dry long enough, when you let go of pressing the circle down it will stand right up again. Once that side is adequately glued, carefully flip over and repeat with the white circle. Once you have the two circles adhered, your pinwheel shouldn’t go anywhere!

Fathers Day Best Dad Cardstock Paper Ribbon Pinwheel

Now’s time for the embellishments! With your Zig glue pen, add the red striped circle on top of the white circle. I used foam squares to make the “1” pop out more and then the glue pen to attach the rest of the letters.

Fathers Day Best Dad Cardstock Paper Ribbon Tassels

Finally I glued the two ribbon tassels to the back circle completing the ribbon look! Now you have a homemade red ribbon the Dad in your life will be sure to cherish, and no stomach ache from any State Fair pie eating contests in sight!

Fathers Day Best Dad Cardstock Paper Ribbon Finished


Look how happy this Papa is!

Fathers Day Best Dad Cardstock Paper Ribbon


What are you making your dad this year? We'd love to see! Tag us in your creations on Facebook and Instagram to be featured on our account! 


Happy Crafting!
-Tara (Handmade by Tara)

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