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Pumpkin Pie Treat Boxes

Pumpkin Pie Treat Boxes

It's Pumpkin time!! I love Fall so much and everything PUMPKIN!!!
Today we are going to make some adorable Pumpkin Pie Boxes. These make great “thankful notes” for the kids table at Thanksgiving, or a great box to hold treats. I designed these boxes for the Auntie Tay Membership, and they pair so perfectly with Cardstock Warehouse paper! 


First, you will need to download the pumpkin pie box file, which you will find in Peanuts bundle or in the Thanksgiving category. (You will need to be an Auntie Tay member to download this file.)

auntie tay files

Next, you will cut out all of your pieces. I cut the pie from Rust, the crust from Comoscio, and the whipped Cream from Bright White.


pumpkin pie boxes die cut pieces

Once you have your pieces, glue the two flaps of the box. Don’t glue the back flap of the box. This will be the opening of the box for you to put your little notes or goodies in.


folding and gluing pumpkin pie box

Next, fold the crust and glue the it to the back opening flap of the box.


adding crust to pumpkin pie box

Fold the whipped cream pieces in half, and then glue them back-to-back to create a dollop of topping. 


folding whipped cream pieces

gluing whipped cream topping

Glue the whipped topping on the pumpkin pie box top.


adding whipped cream topping to pie box

Now it’s time to fill your Pie Pumpkin box with your little notes or treats! I put little pieces of papers and crayons in mine so the kids can write notes about what they are thankful for at the table this year. 


adding goodies inside pumpkin treat boxes

Once they are full, just fold them closed and tuck in the tab. How cute are these??? Make 8 boxes to make a full pumpkin pie!!


pumpkin pie treat boxes


What are you crafting for fall? Be sure to show us on Facebook and Instagram! You can tag your creations with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured in our stories. 

Happy Crafting! 


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