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Movie Night Treat Baskets

Movie Night Baskets

Hey there! It’s Kira and I am back with a spooky project for the month of October using some of my favorite Cardstock Warehouse papers.


  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers and pre-folded cards
    • Ebony Colorplan 65lb
    • Comoscio Woodstock 105lb
    • Paper Bag Kraft 100lb
    • Jellybean Green Pop-Tone 65lb
    • Dark Grey Colorplan 65lb
    • Rust Colorplan Folded Place card
  • Toilet paper roll (empty)
  • Adhesive (liquid glue and hot glue)
  • Paper trimmer/scorer
  • Electronic die-cutting machine
  • Alpha stickers
  • Battery powered tea light candle 

Movie nights are a staple in our house, especially during October through December as we have so many holiday films to get through. One of my favorites during October is Hocus Pocus, so you can imagine my excitement when Disney announced the release of Hocus Pocus 2! This definitely called for an extra special movie night. 

movie night box

I started this tradition with my kids’ movie baskets a couple years ago. They work perfectly to hold popcorn, candy, a drink, and little extras like toys/gifts. They’re also really fun to decorate and I try and stay on theme with the movie we are watching. 

movie night boxes

To stay on the Hocus Pocus theme, I created 3 mini projects using Cardstock Warehouse papers: spell book treat box, black flame candle goodie box, and name tags. 

movie night boxes name card

The first project I started with was the spell book treat box. For this project, you will need cardstock, adhesive, a paper trimmer/scorer, and an electronic die-cutting machine (optional). Cut your book “cover” to 8” x 5.5”. For the “pages” (which will serve as the actual box), cut one piece to 8x4 and another piece to 8x4. The longer piece will be scored at 0.5”, 3.5”, 4.5” and 7.75”. 

paper spell book box die cuts

Fold along the score lines and adhere the ends together. The smaller piece will be scored at 0.75” around each edge. Adhere your “pages” inside your “cover”.  I hand drew some black lines to look like pages. 

paper spell book box construction

Then I added some details to my book cover to look similar to the spell book in Hocus Pocus. I made this eyeball using circles of Bright White, Ebony, and Jellybean Green paper.

spell book box cover

Fill it with candy and you're done!

paper spell book box with candy

Our next project is the black flame candle goodie box. (I know the candle wasn’t actually black in the movie, don’t come at me please). For this project you will need a toilet paper roll, ebony cardstock, a battery powered tea light candle, and hot glue. 

supplies for black candle treat box

First, cover the toilet paper roll with black cardstock. I used hot glue for all the steps because it adhered the best with all of the curved edges. Glue black paper to the bottom of the roll, then trim excess off. Use a 2” wide strip to glue around the candle. 

die cut pieces for candle treat box

Optional: I added a “drippy” strip of paper cut from my Cricut to adhere around the top of the toilet paper roll to give it more of a candle look. 

black candle treat box

Stuff your candle with goodies and use the candle as a lid. It goes inside the tube and just rests on top of the goodies inside.

candle treat box

For the final project, I created little name tags to label each basket for my kids. For this project you will need pre-folded cards, cardstock, alpha stickers, and an electronic die-cutting machine (optional). 

supplies for name cards

I used my Cricut and cut out tombstone shapes with “RIP” drawn on top and some grass. The pre-folded cards were scored at 0.5” on each end and adhere together to create a triangle shape (this is to help it stay in the skeleton’s hands without having to use adhesive). Add embellishments and alpha stickers. Slide into skeleton hands (I purchased these at Dollar Tree, they are skeleton hand salad tongs). 

name card in movie night box

Once all my projects were complete, I added everything to the movie baskets.  I added other fun things like a spooky keychain, Halloween stickers and a wood skull and paint so my kids can make a craft before the movie starts! 

top of movie night treat box

movie night boxes

Thanks for stopping by! What are you creating for Halloween? We'd love to see your creations! Show us your creations on Facebook or Instagram. Tag your creations with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured in our stories, and be sure to follow me at @kira.gets.crafty for more crafty inspiration!

Happy Crafting!

Kira (@kira.gets.crafty

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