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DIY Patriotic Rosette Wreath

DIY Patriotic Rosette Wreath

Fourth of July is one of my favorite Holidays! I love seeing all the red, white, and blue decorations throughout my small town. Every year our town hosts a 4th of July Festival, complete with a Ferris Wheel, Cotton Candy, Hot Dogs, and a BIG Fireworks display at night. And although we don’t make it to the end of the night to watch the Fireworks display, as the little ones get too tired from all the day’s activities, doesn’t mean I can’t have a Fireworks Display at home. This year I’ve made my own Fireworks Display in the shape of a Patriotic Rosette Wreath. Creating various sized Rosettes using Cardstock Warehouse Papers in Red, White and Blue, I’ve created a full display of Fireworks that will light up my doorway day and night, long before and after the Fourth of July! 

TO GET STARTED, you will need:


Trace the outline of the wreath on to a 12x12 piece of Cardstock Warehouse Electric Red Paper, cut and set aside. Paint the edges of the wreath a coordinating color (I used Martha Stewart High Gloss Habanero), apply as many coats as needed. Once the paint has dried, glue circle cut-out on top of the chipboard wreath.  This will help hide any open spaces after the rosettes are adhered.  

DIY Cardstock Paper Patriotic Rosette Wreath

TIP: If you can’t find a chipboard circle, cutting a 12” circle from a sturdy cardboard box will do just fine.


Cut your Cardstock Warehouse Paper into 2”, 1 ½”, and 1 ¼” strips. You will be using 2 of each strip size to make one rosette, so be sure to cut 2 of each strip size. Score paper strips every ½”. Accordion fold the paper strips and adhere two together end to end to form a circle.

DIY Cardstock Paper Patriotic Rosette Wreath

Carefully gather one end of the circle toward the center, pressing down gently as you go. As it gathers it will start to flatten down until it makes a flat rosette! Use a good amount of hot glue gun to keep the middle in place. Use embellishments such as buttons or star-die cuts made from Cardstock Warehouse Silver MirriSparkle Paper to hide the hot glue in the middle.

DIY Cardstock Paper Patriotic Rosette Wreath

Repeat these steps as many times as you need to fill your wreath. Remember to alternate in sizes.

NOTE: To create my Rosettes, I used the My Scrap Chick Rosette Straight Edge cutting file. I followed the instructions included with the cutting file and found it very easy to use without the need for a hot glue gun.


Once all rosettes are complete, arrange them around the chipboard wreath alternating between colors and sizes and hot glue them in place until the wreath is full. There is no right or wrong way to place your rosettes; after all, it is your private display of Fourth of July Fireworks! If desired, add a ribbon bow.

DIY Cardstock Paper Patriotic Rosette Wreath

Now, it’s your turn to make your own Patriotic Firework Rosette Wreath. We’d love to see! Be sure to show us on Facebook or Instagram.

DIY Cardstock Paper Patriotic Rosette Wreath

Thank You for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

 - Marlene (ScrappinCookie)

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