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Paper Beer Bottle Treat Boxes

Paper Beer Bottle Treat Boxes

Hey there! It’s Kira and I am back with another fun project using my Cardstock Warehouse papers. My husband was unfortunately born just 2 days after Christmas, which means that my creative juices and time allotted to crafts are basically drained. But this year he turned 40, so I wanted to do something fun for him! He loves sampling different beers and even brews his own as a hobby. I subscribed to a beer of the month club for his gift and decided to run with the beer theme for his decorations.


  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Bagdad Brown Colorplan 100 lb.
    • Azure Blue Colorplan 65 lb.
    • Imperial Blue Colorplan 100 lb.
    • Gialloro Sirio Color 80 lb.
  • Bearly Art Glue
  • Cricut (with blade and scoring tool)
  • Optional: sticker paper and colored pencils  


I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to create but found these cute soda bottle boxes on Etsy. I knew I could alter them from “soda bottles” to “beer bottles” easily. I used Bagdad Brown for my bottles and the cut file from Etsy already came with the perfect dimensions and score lines added. So, I just used my Cricut to do all the tedious cutting and scoring for me!  (The bottle cap is included in the cut file too and I cut those out in Azure Blue). 


bagdad brown die cut beer bottle treat box


The bottles needed labels. I toyed with the idea of using more cardstock and wrapping the label around the bottle, but ultimately wasn’t thrilled with how that looked. Instead, I used some sticker paper and my Cricut to cut arch shapes and write “forty” using the draw feature in Design Space. Then, I used some colored pencils to fill in the words to add a bit of color. 


beer bottle treat boxes labels


And here’s a look at a completed bottle!


paper beer bottle treat box fully assembled


The cool thing about these bottles is you could just make them as decorations by adhering the top section to the bottom. But they are boxes, so I wanted to add something fun inside of the bottles for my husband!


open paper beer bottle treat box


I decided to add little “coupons” inside, like, “Free 6 pack of your choice” and “Trip to the home brew store”.  Since the bottles are rather deep, I added crumpled up yellow tissue paper to add some height. 


notes inside paper beer bottle treat box


Lastly, I knew I wanted to create a banner for my husband. This is something I do for each of my kids’ birthdays but have yet to do it for my husband. He always jokingly says the phrase, “Lordy Lordy, look who’s 40!” so I knew I needed that to be on my banner. I used the same papers as I used for my bottles to keep the color scheme consistent. I added Gialloro Sirio because it reminded me of the color of beer.    


paper banner to match beer bottle treat boxes


I used my Cricut again to cut a variety of shapes:  circles in multiple sizes, beer bottles, and hexagons (to mimic the bottle cap shape). Then I sewed them all together to create a banner. Easy peasy! If you don't have a sewing machine, you could use hot glue to attach them pieces to your string.


paper banner close up


And done! I love how everything turned out! Make sure to tag me on Instagram @kira.gets.crafty so I can see what you made! 


paper beer bottle treat boxes


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Happy Crafting!

xo, Kira (@kira.gets.crafty

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