Valentine Pop-Up Cards

Pop Up Handmade Valentine Card

It’s VALENTINE TIME!! I absolutely love putting together colors for this special occasion. There are so many to choose from! Such pretty colors always brighten my day and lift my spirits! Long gone are the days where I was making tiny little valentine goodies for 30 classmates. I have three adult children and one 16-year-old, and she’s not doing little valentine gifts, lol! I guess it’s not “cool”? 🤷🏽‍♀️ But what I will be doing is sending happy mail to my crafty friends! They are always receptive to Crafty Love! With that being said, I decided to make some really cute cards out of these beautiful colors. I’m sure you’re going to love the cards and they will be available to you for free! So let’s get started with this quick and easy project.

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Imperial Blue Colorplan 100lb
    • Blu Intenso Woodstock 105lb
    • Pistachio Woodstock 105lb
    • Malva Woodstock 105lb
    • Park Green Colorplan 100lb
    • Fuchsia Pink Colorplan 100lb
    • Amethyst Colorplan 100lb
    • Candy Pink Colorplan 100lb
    • Gold Mirror
    • Crystal Stardream 105lb
  • Hot Glue
  • Zip Dry Glue
  • Foam Dots
  • Flat back gems/pearls (optional)
  • Creative Fabrica Pop-Up Card Files

Using your preferred color scheme, cut out all the parts to the card you selected. It is so much easier to cut everything all at once than one by one. I labeled the colors for you below. 


Valentine's Day Pop-Up Card Die Cut Pieces

Start off by gluing the solid heart and the heart frame together with wet glue.


gold and fuchsia heart background layers

Next, adhere your monster pieces together on top of one another, in the order as pictured. Also, adhere the hot pink horns behind the monster base. Next, apply dimensional foam dots to the arms of the monster as well as the heart. Lay both of those on your card base. 


gluing paper pieces of monster

Adhere the “word” monster together. The pink piece goes on top and the gold hearts show through.


monster die cut sentiment

These slit pieces are how your card will all come together. You will need to fold them at that first slot. Now it’s time to put the card together. Starting with the solid heart and frame background piece we put together first, connect the pieces together using the slits provided. It should look like this from overhead. 


assembling paper pop-up pieces

Once you have that base piece attached, flip over to the backside and apply hot glue to both of the tabs and adhere to the tabs to the base. 


adhering tabs to the back

Following in the order as pictured, slip each separate layer into its slit and glue like above. From overhead your card should look like this.


adding layers to popup card stand

Now, you’re done! Wasn’t that easy?? Your pop-up card will fold flat for mailing. This one was so fun to make that I made another design using the same process.


Handmade Valentine's Day Pop-Up Cards

Here are the cards standing for display. I ended up adding two small flat back gold pearls to the flower center for a little pizzazz. They turned out so cute!! 


Handmade Valentine's Day Pop-Up Cards

What a fun way to send something extra special in this year’s happy craft mail! This is also fun for teachers and children alike!

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Toodles, Tmika

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