Autumn Leaves Circle Scrapbook Layout

Autumn Circle Scrapbook Layout

If you can’t tell by now, I’m super excited for Autumn! Like, really excited! It is my favorite time of the year! Everything is so beautiful, so calm, so peaceful, and so serene. And I absolutely love the colors! I love to see piles and piles of leaves in peoples yards. Although it might be very irritating for those who have to rake it, it is very beautiful to watch them fall and change colors. Absolutely in love with the season! With that being said, I have run out of small children to photograph… Even though I have four. Three of my children are adults and the last one lingering is 16 years old. She no longer falls in the pile of leaves. 🥺 But never fear, I have siblings and they have little ones! So, niece and nephew to the rescue! These are my darling little ones! Say hi👋🏽👋🏽 
My sister captured my favorite feeling of the season. The falling of the leaves! Hey, autumn is here! With that being said, as corny as it sounds…I Can’t Be-Leaf Autumn is Here!!

Let’s get into this layout.

This is a pretty easy process, and it’s actually based on creator preference. You don’t have to lay the leaves as I have, you can choose to use more or less. You can choose to go monochromatic or include more colors! The choice is totally up to you. I’m just here to give you a bit of a guide and show you how my layout came about, and some free SVGs to help get you started.


  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Cherry Wood Veneer
    • Sirio Ultra Black

    • Blu Raspberry Pop-Tone -100lb

    • Lemon Drop Pop-Tone - 100lb

    • Orange Fizz Pop-Tone - 100lb

    • Tangy Orange Pop-Tone - 100lb

    • Rose Gold Mirricard - 100lb

    • Teal Thai Unryu
    • Sweet Tooth White Pop-Tone - 100lb

  • Free Autumn SVGs
    • click the link, then right-click to save to your computer
    • import into your die-cutting machine's software
  • "Autumn" silhouette text file
  • Other leaf die-cut files of choice
  • Adhesive (wet and hot)

  • Ephemera (optional)

  • Sewing machine and Notions (optional)

  • Photos

Cut out the circles I have included as part of the free SVG kit. I cut the solid circle out twice to make the layout sturdier. I cut my circles with Cherry Wood Veneer, Rose Gold Mirror, Sirio Ultra Black, and a Sweet Tooth White circle for sturdiness on the back.


die cut circles for circle autumn scrapbook layout


Cut out your choice of colors and sizes of leaves as provided. Just keep cutting, just keep cutting, just keep cutting! I cut my leaves out in several colors and sizes so I would have lots of options. I cut out a bunch of the leaves I included in the free file above, and then also added some random leaves from Silhouette.


die cut leaves and accessories for circle autumn scrapbook layout


Bring in some ephemera. Here I’m using a sheet of pattern paper. I used some fussy cutting scissors to cut out all of the pumpkins that I needed from the paper. I also had some stickers from the Dollar Tree on hand that I could bring in as an added element. I cut out the ‘Autumn’ sentiment that I got from the Silhouette Design Studio. Finally, I found some coordinating thread to do some stitching on my layout.


ephemera and string for circle autumn scrapbook layout

Using wet adhesive, adhere the two solid circles together. Then apply the thin ring and the circle ring to the center of the layout. This part is optional, if you’re going to add stitching… Now is the time to do it as you won’t be able to do it later on in the layout without some obstacles.


layering circles and stitching details onto autumn circle scrapbook layout


I added one more circle of Blu Raspberry to the back of my layout and to add a pop of color. Apply that to the back of the layout with adhesive.


adding a pop of color to the back of autumn circle scrapbook layout

Lay your photo pieces down first. Position them to how you want them to permanently be. Do not adhere them down without being certain. I like to move my pieces around before I actually attach with hot glue. I did back my photos up with more of that Blu Raspberry paper.


adding photos to autumn circle scrapbook layout

Next I like to add my ephemera pieces, because I know after this I’ll just be tucking leaves in free spaces. I like for my photos, my sentiments, and my ephemera pieces to stand out, so this is the spot where you should add any of those items.


adding embellishments to autumn circle scrapbook layout

These next few photos are just showing you the next couple steps that I took. I literally am just trying to find free space and alternate colors and positions with the variety of leaves. One thing I did to add some texture was use a metal leaf die to cut some leaves out of the Teal Thai Unryu paper. This paper DOES NOT work in an electronic die-cutting machine due to the fibers, but it cuts beautifully using metal dies.


adding teal thai unryu leaves to autumn circle scrapbook layout


Don’t stick anything down until you’re certain. Sometimes I lay everything out,  take a picture and look at it to see if I would move anything. Because once it is glued down it is down for good…😳 


adding final embellishments to autumn circle scrapbook layout

That’s it, folks! I absolutely love how this turned out! I could not be happier to share this with you and my sister. I’m sure she will cherish it forever! I know this for a fact because she still has things that I made when I first started scrapbooking 15 years ago… and they look… yikes... anywho, I hope you have enjoyed this layout process. Feel free to just - be free! It will all turn out just fine in the end!


autumn circle scrapbook layout


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