Potion Book Halloween Decoration

DIY Halloween Potion Book Decoration

Hey there! It’s Kira and I am back with another project using some of my favorite Cardstock Warehouse papers. It is officially time to decorate for Halloween in my house, so I wanted to add some spooky décor to my collection. I thought it would be fun to DIY a spooky spell book but make it functional! 


  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Black Licorice Pop-Tone65lb
    • Amethyst Colorplan 65lb
    • Comoscio Woodstock 105lb
    • Gold Touch MirriSparkle104lb
    • Grapesicle Pop-Tone 65lb
  • Box
  • Cardboard (2 rectangular pieces)
  • Paper towel roll (empty)
  • Adhesive (liquid glue and hot glue)
  • Paper trimmer
  • Electronic die cut machine
  • Paint (optional) 


To make this DIY book box yourself, you will need a box (I used an old Bitsbox box but any smaller box will work perfectly), two pieces of cardboard cut slightly larger than your box (these will serve as your back and front covers), an empty paper towel roll, paper (colors of your choice), and liquid adhesive. 


supplies for DIY halloween potion book


I started by covering the rectangle pieces with cardstock (I used Black Licorice for the front and Amethyst for the inside). 


black licorice paper covering cardboard book covers


For the spine of the book, you will cut your empty paper towel roll in half and add some twine to give it that vintage texture you see on older books. 


potion book spine


Then you will cover the spine with the same color as your covers. Using liquid glue that dries quickly is best for this step so you can adjust as needed but that doesn’t need hours to dry.  I used Tacky Glue for this step. Once my paper was adhered to the cardboard bases and all the glue was dry, I used hot glue to adhere the covers to the box. 


covering spine with paper


Then I adhered the spine on top of the covers. Please note, you will not get full range of motion when opening your box once you have added the spine.  But with my placement, I was still able to get the look of a spine and can still open the box enough to slide items inside.


covered potion book


Once I added my covers, I added the “pages” of the book. I used Comoscio for my pages. I scored the paper at 1/8” along the entire width. Then I adhered these to the three sides of the box that were still showing. If you want a crisp-er look, stop at this step, but I wanted a more “antique” look for my pages, so I added some watered-down brown paint to look like pages. 


potion book pages


I finished the book off by adding a title and some die cuts to the front cover. I used my Cricut to cut out the title “Love Potions” along with a potion bottle, some stars, and some corner embellishments. 


Love Potions book decorations


Here’s a final look at my completed book:


DIY Halloween Potion Book

DIY Halloween Potion Book

DIY Halloween Potion Book


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Happy Crafting!

Kira (@kira.gets.crafty

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