Hedgehog Kissing Booth Pop-Up Cards

Hedgehog Kissing Booth Pop-Up Cards

Hi friends, Ivy here from ivypinkmade. Besides Christmas, Valentine's Day is my second favorite season to make cards! I love the colors incorporated in the season, the pinks and reds is so my vibe and totally inspires me! Today I am sharing a fun pop up card you can easily make if you have an electronic die cutting machine.

Here’s the supplies you will need:

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers in Sirio Nude, Sirio Cashmere, Sirio Lampone, Sirio Ultra Black, Cotton Candy, Razzle Berry, Sweet Tooth, Cherry Wood Veneer, White Birch Wood Veneer
  • Pop up adhesive
  • Adhesive Runner
  • Electronic Die cut machine
  • Black Vinyl
  • Brown ink

Machine and paper for Hedgehog Kissing Booth Pop-Up Card


I used this Kissing Booth Hedgehog svg from Lori Whitlock and cut it out on my electronic die cut machine. To get started I cut all the pieces.

Die cut pieces for Hedgehog kissing booth pop-up card

Next I put the base layer together which is the booth. It's very easy, you only need adhesive on one side of the tab and adhere the other side to make a box.


Attaching wood base for hedgehog kissing booth

Once you have the booth base, I put together the hedgehog face. 

paper hedgehog die cut pieces

Now you can add more depth and detail to the die cut pieces by adding shading etc. I added a little bit of brown ink around the edge of the booth just to give it some depth. You can also add some detail to the hearts if you want to put a sentient.

inking edges of hedgehog kissing booth

The cut file comes with a “kissing booth” alphabet file but it was way too thin to cut on paper. Instead, I used a black adhesive vinyl which made it easier to adhere on to the wood.

adding vinyl letters to hedgehog kissing booth

Last part is to make the banner. I used some pop-up tape to adhere the hearts.

gluing banner to hedgehog pop-up card


I love how this card lays completely flat so it’s something you can easily mail.

But once its popped up it’s so cute and makes a big impact! It would be such a cute decoration on a desk too! 

Pop-Up Hedgehog Kissing Booth Card

I hope you enjoyed this project and thank you for stopping by.

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Happy Crafting!


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