Paper Fruit Shaped Fans

Paper Fruit Shaped Fans

Summer is here, which means the kids are home more often.  Which also means, we need more activities to keep them occupied.

This is where these fruit shaped hand fans come into play.  They’re kid friendly, require minimal supplies, and they’ll be of good use at our next outdoor event!  

Supplies Needed:  


     paper and craft sticks for fruit fans


    We’re going to start by opening Cricut Design Space and locating the fruit files. If you're using another machine, just search the files for the names of the fruits you want to make.

    Cricut Design Space files for Paper Fruit Fans

    File Names:

    • Red Apple (#M263A1238)
    • Lemon (#M263A11DA)
    • Orange (#M263A11C0)
    • Blue Berry (#M263A115D)

    Now that you have your files, add them to your canvas and resize them. I sized the apple 6.7 inches in width, the lemon 7.5 in height, the orange 7 in in height, and the blueberry 8.9 in width.   

    Each fruit has two shades of each color but I cut them on the same color card stock to give them some depth. Before sending to cut, save the project. Always remember to save. 

    die cut pieces for fruit fans

    Once they’re all cut, glue the layers together with a glue gun.

    assembling fruit fan pieces

    After all the fruit has been assembled, add some glue on the craft sticks and pace the fruit on top.  When gluing the fruit, place the stem facing the stick.

    adding craft stick to fruit fan

    And there we have it, if you would like, you can add one layer on the back to cover the stick as well.

    finished paper fruit fans

    Thank you for crafting along with me, I hope you enjoyed this project and I look forward to seeing your creations.  

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    Happy Crafting,



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