Metallic Father's Day Trophy and Card

Metallic Father's Day Trophy and Card

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are two of the greatest days of the year. A time to appreciate those who have instilled value, love, hope, wisdom, and so much more into your life. Today, we’re going to honor our fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and all of our male role models. It’s time to present them with a lifetime achievement award!! It’s not made out of gold or silver… But it’s made out of some of the best cardstock around! In this blog post, you’ll find a template to create your very own 3-D trophy for the special guy in your life! Also, as an added bonus… I’ve created an SVG file for you to make a card to go along with your trophy award! So get ready to pull out some of your favorite Cardstock. Let's play along! 

Here is the cardstock you will need:

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • White Birch Wood Veneer
    • Regal White Royaltone Linen
    • Sour Apple Pop-Tone 65lb
    • Copper Mirror
    • Silver Mirror
    • Smoke Grey Colorplan 100lb
    • Silver MirriSparkle

Other supplies needed:

  • Trophy Card FREE SVG file (click the link, right-click the file to save)
  • Hot glue
  • Coordinating brads (optional)
  • Coordinating bling (optional)
  • Foam Dots (for card)

Start out by cutting all of the pieces indicated by the free SVG files and/or printables listed below. I cut mine out in two different color pallets. 

I already had this trophy SVG in my silhouette studio library. I found the owner of the file and saw that she was giving away the printable version for free. If you want to purchase the SVG version, you can find it on her Etsy here.


die-cut pieces for father's day trophy

Start out with the large trophy top. Fold over at all of the perforated marks as shown. Use wet glue, dry glue, or hot glue to adhere the flaps to the sides. They should all come together at an angle like below. This is how it looks all put together. 


assembling the trophy top section


Repeat the same process for the smaller bottom piece. Do not adhere the small flaps at the base yet.


assembling trophy base


Cut and put together your box base. I added a huge glob of hot glue to the bottom of my box for weight/stability. 


assembling wood veneer trophy base


Here you can see the finished box. It is heavy on the bottom because we added the hot glue. 


trophy box base

Layer your trophy plaque pieces together. Also add wet adhesive to the back of your letters and add your optional brad or bling pieces. Use foam dots on the back of the complete sentiment. Here is the finished look. 


adding plaque to trophy base

Going back to the smaller trophy base, repeat the same step as we did with the box by adding hot glue to the inside. Let that cool. This again will allow for a more sturdy and stable trophy. 


adding hot glue to trophy base

Now we can add hot glue to those flaps and lay it on top of the box. Be sure to focus on how you want the base to be positioned and seen from the front.


adding trophy bottom to base box

Now it’s time to curl the handles. You can curl them in a few different ways. I decided to curl mine in opposite directions. For the silver trophy, I curled mine in the same direction. You’ll be able to see those later. Be sure to pay attention to making the handles even on the left and right sides. 


assembling trophy handles

Again, add hot glue to the inner base of the trophy and the smaller base stand. Apply the trophy to the top of the base, making sure to align both pieces so that they look aesthetically pleasing from the front. 


assembling trophy pieces

Remove the backing from the foam dot on the back of your sentiment and apply it to the front of the trophy base. 


plaque on the front of the trophy

Here is how the silver one came out. I used a different sentiment for this one.❤️ 


silver father's day trophy

Here is the complete look of the copper trophy. 


finished copper father's day trophy

Don’t they look good together? I can’t decide on which one looks the best, so I’ll just love them both! You can add candy, gift cards, or whatever you’d like to the inside. Here I just added some tissue paper for a photo effect. 😉 


finished Father's Day Trophies

I know the special person that you give this to will appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift. 

Bonus: I decided that you can’t give a trophy without giving a little card. I also included a little trophy SVG, complete with stars and extra sentiments for you to use to make any size card. Try to use your leftover scraps to complete this card. I did a little stitching around the card to add a bit of interest. This is how it looks all put together. Simple and quick! Enjoy! 


Father's Day trophy card

Please be sure to leave a comment to let us know what you think. If you are super fancy - tag us in your creations on Facebook or Instagram. You can use the hashtag #cardstockwarehouse to be featured on our page!




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