Space Rocket Party Favor Boxes

Blast Off Rocket Party Favor Box

Hi everyone! Amanda from @lacedesignsstudio here with my first blog for Cardstock Warehouse!

These Rocket Boxes would make the perfect centerpieces or favor boxes for any Space themed parties. “1st Trip Around the Sun” and “Two the Moon” immediately come to mind!

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Silver Mirricard Mirror, 100lb
    • Flame Stardream Metallic, 105lb
    • Crystal Stardream Metallic, 105lb
    • Azure Blue Colorplan, 100lb
    • Blu Sirio, 80lb
  • Cricut or Silhouette Cutting Machine
  • Hot Glue and/or Wet Glue
  • Foam dots (Optional for your own embellishments)
  • 3D Rocket Box
    • If you're using a Silhouette, you can buy the Studio file. For any other machine, purchase the SVG and import it into your machine.


I first started in Cricut Design Space by attaching the score lines (I prefer using dashed cut lines, but you can use either for this project) to each piece it needed to be cut with. For this project, I’d recommend using a thick paper weight, just so you have a sturdy favor box. I also enlarged mine to be bigger than the size it opened up as - just make sure to resize, if you wish, before ungrouping any of the pieces.

When you open the file, you’ll see pieces referred to as “Nose Cone, Top, Middle, Bottom, Base & Fins”.

After all the pieces were cut, I started folding along the scored/dashed lines.


die cut and folded pieces for rocket favor box


You’ll want to start building your rocket by first attaching the fins through the bottom slots. You’ll notice spaces on the bottom where the fins will fit right in. Make sure to glue the fins to the inside of the bottom piece, with one flap to the left and one flap to the right. After attaching the first two fins, grab the second bottom piece and glue the side tab to connect it to the first section and continue attaching the remaining two fins.


adding legs to bottom of paper rocket favor box


Once all of your fins have been inserted and glued, you can glue the side tab to “close” the bottom part. Once closed, your rocket should be able to stand.


bottom half of rocket favor box


Now you’ll want to grab your middle pieces (the two pieces that have a small square cut out on the tabs) and glue the side tabs together. Add glue onto the bottom tabs and carefully place inside and press down to attach to the inside of your bottom piece. Continue until all six tabs have been glued inside.


building middle of rocket favor box


After your middle piece is attached to the bottom piece, grab your top pieces and glue the side tabs together. You’ll also glue the top side pieces to form a triangular shape and glue the tabs on the inside.


building the top of rocket favor box


Now take your “nose” cone and glue the tab on the inside. This piece will be glued onto the top portion of your “top” piece of the rocket. If you want to make this rocket a centerpiece, you can also add glue on to the middle layer so that the top stays closed on your rocket. I decided to use this for a favor box that will be filled with candy, so I am not gluing the rocket shut so that the top can be removed.


adding nose cone to rocket favor box


Finally, you’ll grab your “base” piece and glue the side tabs together.


assembling base of rocket favor box


After the side tabs have been glued, you’ll want to glue the smaller tabs onto the inside of your hexagon. I used hot glue so it would dry quicker, and once the tabs were sealed, I used my hot glue again to attach the wider part of the hexagon to the “bottom” of the rocket (the dark blue piece). If you decided to use yours as a centerpiece and glue your middle and top pieces together, this is how your finished project will look (you can add your own design elements - I added the circles with foam pop dots to make them pop out a bit).


rocket party favor decor box

rocket party favor box


If you decided to use yours as favor boxes for candy to be inside, you wouldn’t have glued, and therefore, your top can be opened/closed.


open rocket party favor box


Thanks for crafting along with me! Can’t wait to see how you’ve decorated these cute rockets! Show us on Facebook or Instagram! Tag your creations with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured in our stories!

Happy Crafting! 


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