3d Paper Tiered Cake Box

3D Paper Tiered Cake

Amanda here with another fun 3D project for you! Gather up your best gal pals and make this cake with me! The best part about this cake is that you can choose whatever colors you want, and whatever decorations you want, to make it super personal and unique.

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers:
    • Stardream Gold Metallic, 105lb
    • Stardream Rose Quartz Metallic, 105lb
    • Colorplan Vermillion, 100lb
    • Colorplan Fuchsia, 100lb
  • Cricut or Silhouette Cutting Machine
  • Hot Glue and/or Wet Glue
  • 3D Cake - DoItPaper (Upload to your machine software of choice)
  • 3D Heart Box (upload to your machine software of choice)

When you purchase the cake file, it comes with three different shapes. (Hexagon, Square, and Circle) You can choose to use these as is or use whichever layers you want. I chose to use the rectangle layers. You can also resize them to make them as big or as small as you want - just remember to have all the pieces selected when resizing.

3d paper tiered cake die cut pieces

I started in Cricut Design Space by removing the layers I did not want to use and duplicating the square pieces. I also uploaded the heart and added the text I wanted on the heart.

After cutting the pieces, I started folding along the scored/dashed lines.

tiered cake folded

Since all the layers are color-coded, you can start with any one you’d like to. I recommend saving the heart for the end as it requires additional time. I grabbed my middle tier, which was the beautiful fuchsia color, and started gluing the edges to the bottom of the square cut. I then grabbed the other side and continued my way around the box, before finally gluing the top lid. 

I repeated this for my vermillion base layer.

3d paper tiered cake box assembly

I then grabbed my heart, which came with a nice instructional video as well. I started by gluing the longer tabs up against what would be the inside of the heart, as the creator recommended, to add some sturdiness to the heart. I did this for both sides.

3d heart box glue prep

Once this was complete, I began gluing the smaller tabs onto the heart cutout and repeated for the left and right sides, in addition to the top and bottom lids.

3d heart box assembly

You can choose a cute saying or nothing at all for the heart. I chose to have “XOXO” on the box and glued the letters onto the lid. After this was complete, I went around the bottom edges and glued gold strips to all sides of the box. The photos do not do the metallic gold justice - the shimmer looks amazing!!

Lastly, I stacked the tiers up and glued them onto each other before finally gluing them onto my gold base. At this point, you can leave the cake as it is, or you can add decorations. 

3d Paper Tiered Cake

Thanks for crafting along with me! Can’t wait to see how you’ve decorated your 3D Cake!

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Amanda (@lacedesignsstudio)

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