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Autumn Paper Cone Wreath

Autumn Paper Cone Wreath

Yep, it’s me, Tmika, with the fallest of fall projects, LOL, because I love it and why not? We all love a good wreath, don’t we? We all love a great way to use tons of awesome colors, don’t we? We all love a quick project, right? Well, I’m here with all three of those things! Get your favorite fall colors, or any colors for that matter… Cause this is a versatile project. 😉 We should do one for Christmas, huh?… Hmmm…🤔🤔 Sorry, I got sidetracked with my second favorite season… OK let’s get back on track. This project won’t require a lot of supplies but I’ll have a short list down below. So let’s jump right into it, shall we??


  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Oatmeal Speckletone (80lb)
    • Bitter Chocolate Colorplan (100lb)
    • Desert Sand Mirri Sparkle (104lb)
    • Cherry Wood Veneer (12PT)
    • Jellybean Green Pop-Tone (65lb)
    • Lemon Drop Pop-Tone (65lb)
    • Wild Cherry Pop-Tone (65lb)
    • Mandarin Orange Colorplan (65lb)
  • Hot glue
  • Foam tape
  • Circle/Scallop dies, Cutting Machine or Circular Object to trace
  • Ribbon
  • Bow (optional)
  • Battery Operated Lights (optional)
  • Faux Flower Buds/Branches (optional)


supplies for cone wreath


Cut all your chosen colors into 4in x 4in squares. One 8 1/2 x 11 sheet will get you four squares with a little overage. Save some of those scraps... we will need a few of them at the end. 


paper squares for cone wreath

Start to roll each square into a cone shape. The best way for me was to match up opposite corners and roll tighter from there. Pardon my use of tweezers in this photo… I smashed the heck out of my thumb last weekend…and y’all just don’t wanna see that… you’re welcome. 😜 Once you have it rolled to your liking, add hot glue to the seam and close. Pinch the bottom edge. This will prepare the cone for laying on the base. 


rolling paper cones

I turned on some music and went to town! I cut 32 squares in 8 different colors. But I only have 30 cones. The Mirri Sparkle paper is not double-sided so I layered them on top of each other back-to-back so the white will not show. 


rolled paper cones

Use your die cutting machine, your dies, or heck… a small saucer, and trace 🤷🏽‍♀️ to create your circle backing. My largest circle die is 4 inches in diameter. They vary from there downward. The left two I used as my base. I cut each of those circle dies out twice to create a nice sturdiness. The right 3 I used to create my front cover. I cut the largest one twice and cut the other layers out once. 


cutting circles for wreath center

For the front cover circles, the ones with the scallops, I added some pop dots in between one of the layers to add dimension. Here are the two things you should have. 


paper center pieces for wreath

I laid all my cones in separate piles to help me with my assembly line. Then I started adding glue to the bottom and placing them evenly on my circle base. My bottom row has 13 cones. And that is because of the chunky brown one, lol! 


adding cones to circle bases

I went back in with my second and third layers. Place your cones in between the gaps of a previous layer until all your cones are gone. 


paper cones glued to base

This next part is optional. I wanted to add some lights and a bow to the front of my wreath. I cut the gold edging off of some of the ribbon and made a cute bow for the front. (We'll glue this on later) I also added some of these gold tree branches I've had for a couple years. 


accessories for cone wreath

The lights I got from the Dollar Tree. I just placed them around the perimeter of my top layer and added a little bit of hot glue to secure it. 


adding lights to cone wreath

Now for this next part, grab those paper scraps you had left over. You’re going to take three of them and roll them tight. Secure the cylinder with hot glue. 


paper cylinder

Add a glob of hot glue to the back of your front cover piece. Add the cylinder shape on top and wait until cooled. Once it has cooled and is set, add hot glue to the center of the cylinder to offset the weight. 


gluing paper cylinder to wreath front

Now, I did mine the hard way. But here’s a little tip: first secure the cylinder to the center of the wreath with hot glue. Wait until it is set and centered. Second, cut two rectangles out of the scrap pieces and glue them together. Add that to the top of the cylinder and secure it with hot glue. Finally, add your front cover/topper piece to that rectangle. It’s much easier than trying to peek under to see if it’s center. 🙄🙄 


adding center piece to cone wreath

Use a piece of ribbon to hang your wreath. I usually twist the top of my ribbon so that it can accommodate my door hanger. I took off a little portion of the wire part of the ribbon and used it as a twist tie. 


making loop out of ribbon

Secure the bottom of the ribbon with hot glue and use another piece of scrap paper to fold over and cover the edges.


adding paper to end of ribbon

I added hot glue and double sided tape to the back of my battery pack and placed that on the lower part of my circle. I adhered the ribbon to the top half with hot glue. 


 ribbon and battery box on the back


Once you have that done, you can glue in your little gold branches and then glue your bow onto the front. And you're done! 


accessories added to paper cone wreath


Here are some finished pictures. I hope you like what I created! I hope Fall is your favorite time too and this inspires you as well! Don’t forget to be grateful and thankful for all the things that you have. After all, fall isn’t just about the colors, right? MMWAH!! 


finished cone wreath


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