Embellished Wedding Invitation Belly Bands

5 Ways to Embellish Belly Bands

Who said DIY wedding invitations have to be simple? Adding embellishments to your belly band is an easy way to add a special touch to your wedding suite! Let's get started!  


  • Belly Bands in a color of your choice from Cardstock Warehouse
  • Bearly Arts Glue
  • Embellishments of your choice. Some examples include:
    • wax seals
    • dried flowers
    • die-cut letters
    • die-cut foliage pieces
    • die-cut words


pre-cut belly bands from Cardstock Warehouse


Dried flowers are beautiful and easy to find on Amazon or at your local craft store. You can also pick flowers outside and dry them yourself. I'm using a Plum Thai Unryu belly band and white dried flowers for this set.


Plum Thai belly band with dried flowers


Simply glue a dried flower of your choice into the center of the belly band, and you're ready to go! 


Plum Thai Belly Band with dried flower


For our next belly band, we're using a White Birch Wood Veneer belly band and a wax seal. You can find a wax seal that matches your wedding suite on Amazon, Etsy, or your local craft store. 


White Birch belly band with wax seal and wax


Melt your wax over the center of your belly band and stamp your image. So easy and so pretty!


White Birch Wood Veneer belly band with wax seal 

Adding foliage to your wedding invitations gives an elegant and natural feel to your suite. For this set, we're using assorted metal dies to cut foliage pieces and a Vellum belly band


vellum belly band with foliage dies


We cut three foliage pieces out of Gumdrop Green 100lb, Cherry Wood Veneer, and Lockwood Green 100lb. Arrange them however you like in the center of your Vellum belly band and then glue them down. 


vellum belly band with foliage die cuts


Sometimes all a wedding invitation needs is a little shine! For this set, we die-cut the word "love" out of Gold Mirror paper and paired it with a Lapis Lazuli belly band.  


Lapis Lazuli belly bands with Gold Mirror die-cut words


Simply glue your die-cut word into the center of your belly band, and you're done! Just look at this shine! 


Lapis Lazuli belly band with die-cut Gold Mirror word


For our last set, we are using a Mid Green Colorplan belly band with some die-cut monogram letters out of Cherry Wood Veneer


Mid Green belly band with wood veneer letters


Center your ampersand on the belly band, and then add your die-cut letters to either side. The wood veneer looks so nice with the Mid Green paper! 


mid green colorplan belly band with wood veneer die-cut letters


Which belly band is your favorite? Leave us a comment below and let us know! 


embellished belly bands


Once you have your belly bands made, you can simply fold them around your invitations and secure the back with a glue dot. You can also crease the edges of your belly band with a bone folder to make sure the edges are nice and crisp. 

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Happy Crafting! 


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