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4th of July Shaker Sign

4th of July Shaker Sign

Hey y’all! Stephanie here from Coffee Stamps Chaos with a fun patriotic project using Cardstock Warehouse papers, that you can display on a mantle, a table or as part of your decor tray. I personally don’t use a tiered tray, but I love to decorate my hutch for the different seasons and holidays. 

For this project you will need the following:

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • Electric Red
    • Smart White
    • Nightshift Blue
    • Jupiter Stardream Metallic
  • Gina Marie Designs Dies OR THIS Cricut Project
    • Star Dies
    • Celebrate Die
  • Shaker bits 
  • Rhinestones (opt) 
  • Adhesive
  • Scor-Tape
  • Foam Tape
  • Acetate sheets
  • Die cutting machine 
  • Paper cutter/trimmer

Now that we have our supplies, let’s get started. First create a layered piece using Electric Red on top of Smart White. You can make these whatever size works for the dies you have. I made sure my layers were trimmed so the white would show around the sides of the red, about 1/4" on each side. Then I adhered them with Scor-tape around the outside edges. This will create the sturdy front layer of our project. Now you will die cut your star out of the center. 

cutting die cut star out of the center of electric red and smart white cardstock layered panel


After I cut this piece, I decided I wanted another layer, so I cut a star out of the center of a sheet of Jupiter Stardream and attached it to the back of the Smart White. Then I used my paper trimmer to cut a roughly 1/4" border around the outside.

Next, I cut two pieces of acetate - one for the window and one to put in place over the foam tape AFTER the shaker bits are added, to make sure everything would stay put, trust me, this makes shakers a lot easier to work with! The acetate pieces need to be large enough to cover the star opening. Attach the first piece of acetate to the Electric Red paper using Scor-tape. 


adding first layer of acetate to Electric Red paper


I added foam tape on top of the acetate layer, making sure there were no gaps around the star and that the foam tape doesn’t show when you flip it over, this is what will hold the shaker bits in place. Put foam tape around the outer edges and between the star and outer edges to make the front panel dimensional and also to ensure it isn’t droopy or sagging anywhere. 

adding foam tape to electric red layer


Add your shaker bits inside the star window. You can do as much or as little as you like. Measure and mark where the second piece of acetate will go and trim to size making sure it is the right size to completely adhere to the foam tape.  Once you have your second acetate piece, peel back your foam tape backing and adhere the second piece of acetate that will keep the shaker bits contained. Press firmly around all the edges to ensure everything is firmly adhered. Now do a test shake shake shake to make sure it works! 

adding shaker bits to shaker sign and covering with acetate


For the background layer, you will need to die cut a star from a piece of Smart White that is smaller than the size of your front panel. (So that it doesn't show around the edges.) This will be attached to a Nightshift Blue background. Make sure it is centered and then adhere it centered onto a full sheet of Nightshift Blue card stock. Then, using a paper trimmer, trim the panel to fit nicely behind the “shaker front," roughly a 1/4" border all the way around. I marked the back of the red panel to ensure I would place the blue panel in the right area so the stars would be evenly aligned. 

Once you have it all lined up, use foam tape to adhere your two panels together creating a solid piece. 


attaching shaker panel to background panel

I took the celebrate die and cut three layers, and adhered them together using liquid adhesive to create a dimensional sentiment for the front. Once it was done, I adhered it using liquid adhesive to the front of the panel below the star. I also added a couple of rhinestones near the sentiment. 

front of 4th of July shaker sign

Lastly, you need a “stand” for your table top decor. For mine I cut a ½” x 6” strip of nightshift blue, scored at each end at about 1/2 inch, then attached it to the bottom of the back of the panel to create a half loop “stand”.


using a paper loop to create a stand for shaker sign


And now place your table top decor where you want it! 

4th of July Standing Shaker Sign

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you learned something and also were inspired to Make Something Beautiful™ today! Share your creations using Cardstock Warehouse papers with us so we can oooohhh and aweeee over your projects! 

You may even be featured on the Cardstock Warehouse social media platforms. You can use the hashtags #cardstockwarehouse to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook stories!

If you’d like to, you can follow me on social media to see what I’ll make next at the links below my name. I would love to see what you create! I love to support and encourage other crafters!



Stephanie Vittorio

Facebook: Coffee Stamps Chaos

Instagram: Coffee Stamps Chaos

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