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Daffodil Votive Candle Luminaries

Daffodil Votive Candle Luminaries

The sun sets a little later every day, but the nights are still long! Let’s celebrate the coming of Spring with floral votive luminaries. Daffodils are not only symbols of Spring, but they are also the March birth flower! Switch up colors to match your occasion, whether it be an Easter festival, birthday gathering, or wedding decor. I recommend battery-powered votive candles for your safety! These are paper lanterns after all.

Materials to make one lantern:

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • 1 sheet of 8.5x11 Lapis Lazuli Stardream Metallic Cardstock
    • 1 sheet of 8.5x11 Bianco Pergamenata Parchment
  • Daffodil Votive Candle printout PAGE 1 & PAGE 2 (click on the pages and right-click to save!) 


  • Paper cutting blade (such as Excel or Exacto)
  • Self-healing mat
  • Metal ruler
  • Bone folding tool / Scoring tool
  • Glue dots (I used Glue Dot Strips)

Cutting Out Paper Daffodil Votive Candle Luminaries


Cut out the lantern frame and the windows using your knife. If you are new to cardstock cutting with a knife, you will be an advanced paper cutter by the end of this!

Paper Daffodil Votive Candle Luminaries Pieces


You should now have the frame and 4 windows ready to assemble.

Paper Daffodil Luminary Scoring and Folding


Use the bone folder to score along the dotted lines, and again on the other side of the card (estimate the dotted lines). The cardstock is sturdy stuff and double scoring will help to create a clean fold. Use the bone folder to create clean, sharp folds along the dotted lines. The printed side will be the interior of the lantern. 

Paper Daffodil Luminary Attaching Parchment Windowpanes


Place a few glue dots along the window “frame”, and then adhere the parchment windowpane into place. Repeat for all 4 windows.

Paper Daffodil Luminary Folding and Assembly


Fold the lantern into shape and secure the base with glue dots. Use glue dots on the tab to join the sides. Voila, your lantern!

Metallic Stardream Paper Daffodil Luminary


Look how beautiful it looks all lit up! 


Metallic Paper Daffodil Luminary Lit Up


For variations, try different color cardstocks, or design your own windows. To simplify or speed up a lantern project, one could get creative with a decorative hole puncher.

Follow me on Instagram @GinkgoMaker to see my print-making art. I am primarily a stamp designer and carver, but all aspects of paper arts call to me. Also, follow Cardstock Warehouse on Facebook and Instagram for more fun paper crafting projects! 

Jennifer Zee

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Nobody does anything by hand anymore. Thanks so much for the pattern!


Stunning, thank you for sharing

Heather van den Bergh

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