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Happy Fall 3D Paper Pumpkins

Happy Fall 3D Paper Pumpkins

Fall is here!!! Yes!!! If you heard me say it once, you’ve heard me say it a thousand times. Fall is my most favorite time of the year!!! I live in a four-season state (well, actually...3 extremely short seasons and one really, really, long winter. Minnesota..humph 🙄). I get to see all of the seasons change. It's so pretty in the fall, the smells are amazing and the big dinner day is coming soon!!! So many things to be grateful for and around this time is where I feel the most grateful - when family and friends are gathered around. I only decorate for my most favorite seasons and holidays - Fall (is that a holiday? Should be..) and Christmas. I usually have fall-ish aromas all around the house or boiling on the stove. So here is where I start my season - right after school starts. I always start with where everyone gathers and where we are most of the time - the living room. This was my first time making a 3D Paper Pumpkin Scape and I DEFINITELY see it appearing again this year at the table. 😁 So, let’s get started with this fun table decor!!



  • FREE Pumpkin and Banner SVG Files 
    • Click the link, right click the image, click "save" and save to your computer. 
  • Yarn | Ribbon | String
  • Eyelets
  • Hot Glue
  • Wet Adhesive
  • Zig Glue Pen
  • Foam Adhesive
  • Paint and Paint Brush (Optional)

Let’s get started with the tutorial, shall we?

You’ll need to cut or print the pumpkin template out. I cut mine out with my electronic cutting machine because that’s easier and faster for me. 

When you import the free SVG files (in the supply list above) the first thing you will need to do it change the cut line down the center of the stemless pumpkin to a score line. (SVGs cannot distinguish between cut and score lines.) Once you have changed it to "score," select the stemless pumpkin and score line and "attach" them. This ensures that the score line will go in the right spot when you are cutting. Then, select the stemless and stemmed pumpkin pieces and copy/paste them to create three sets. Resize each set to get your preferred sizes. Don't forget to resize the stem and leaf pieces as well. Once you have the pumpkin files done, copy/paste the banner pieces to create a total of 9 of each size. You can see the process below:



Now it is time to cut your pieces.

You will need one of each size of stemmed pumkin, and 10 of each size of the stemless+scored pumpkins for each 3D pumpkin you wish to create. I made three pumpkins in three different sizes. I used Speckletone Oatmeal, Pop-Tone Hot Fudge, and Madero Beach Speckletone, but you can use whatever colors you like. The stems were cut out of Pop-Tone Hot Fudge and Gumdrop Green. Such vibrant fall colors!


die cut pieces for 3d fall pumpkin decor


Now we’re going to cut out the banner. Cut your base triangles, they have the smooth rounded edges and it’s a little bit bigger. Cut the layers as well. I used Speckletone Oatmeal and Bianco Pergamenata Parchment paper for this.


banner die cut pieces for fall 3d pumpkin decor


If you’re going to use the "happy fall" sentiment that I used, cut that out in the color of your choosing. I use Pop-Tone Hot Fudge for this. It really pops on the triangles. 


Happy Fall die cut letters


Now let’s put it all together. 

I usually lay my project out so I can see what it’ll look like from a Bird's Eye view. That’s what I did here. (pic 6,7) Just wanted to make sure the ratio of my leaves to my stem was correct. Plus I wanted to make sure of placement as well when I’m laying down my perforated pumpkins.


testing die cut pieces


I started with my two stems. I used wet glue for this. I laid one of them on the front of my base pumpkin with the stem and one stem on the back. This ensures that the back of the stem is covered as well. 


adding stem to paper pumpkin


Fold over all of the perforated marked pumpkins. You should have 10 pieces per pumpkin. Five for the front of the pumpkin and five for the back to make it 3-D. Add wet glue to one side of the pumpkin.  Then lay that side to the base piece, being careful to match the ends.


attaching 3D pumpkin pieces


I started with my piece on the left and added that to my base piece. Then grab piece number two and continue the process. Connecting all the pumpkins together - back to back. Only do this for five pieces - for now. I added two to the left and three to the right. Then I connected the final two unglued pieces together. 


adding 3d pieces to paper pumpkin


I flipped my half pumpkin over and repeated these steps for the back until I had a 3-D pumpkin. 


assembled 3d pumpkin


Take your two leaves and add a drop of hot glue to the edge and put them together. Add them to your 3-D pumpkin as desired. 


adding stems and leaves to 3d pumpkin


Side bar: if you don’t want a 3-D pumpkin just layer 5 to 10 pieces to the front. Leave the back flat. This way you can hang them! 


3d paper pumpkin with flat back


Here are my completed 3-D pumpkins in each of the colors and sizes. Now let’s work on the banner. 


3d paper pumpkins  

I wanted my banner pieces to have a little bit of texture so I took the larger base triangles and distressed them up a little bit with the edge of my scissors. I did that for all of my pieces. Then I used wet glue to add my parchment paper on top of the triangle.


paper banner pennant pieces


I also used a zig glue pen to add the letters to each of my triangle pieces.


happy fall banner pieces


Using your scraps, cut out a small thin rectangle so that you can connect your pennant pieces together on a string. I added a thin strip of hot glue to the back of my triangle base, added some yarn and applied the thin rectangle to the back to secure it. I repeated this process for the other piece, being sure to overlap and underlap every other piece. I wanted to make sure all of the letters can be seen from the front without rotation. 


adding string to banner pieces


This part is optional but I love me some splatters. I added splatters of different colors to each of the pumpkins. I used white, brown, and green paint for my splatters.


white paint for pumpkin splatters


Add one eyelet to both sides of your pumpkin to hang your banner securely. Thread it through to the back and tie a small knot. I added a dot of hot glue to assist. 


adding eyelet to 3d pumpkin


Yet another sidebar: I shaved down the front of the pumpkin edges for my banner to lay flat instead of round. 

Didn’t these turn out so cute? For my smaller pumpkin, I just added a cute little ribbon bow to the top. That’s it! Happy fall y’all!! 


Finished 3D Pumpkin Fall Decor 

Please be sure to leave a comment to let us know what you think! If you’re super fancy – tag us in your cardstock paper creations on Facebook or Instagram. You can use the hashtag #cardstockwarehouse to be featured on our page!





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