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Halloween Paper Photobooth Props

Halloween Photobooth Props

Even now, several years into the trend, photo booths are still going strong. So it only makes sense to have some photo booth props available at your next Halloween party! Follow along to see how I made some spooky props that will be sure to make your guests screeeeech with delight.

Halloween Cardstock Paper Photobooth Props Supplies


First here’s what you’ll be needing:

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers in Pure White, Gumdrop Green, Sour Apple, Ebony, and Electric Red
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Cutting Machine
  • Zig Glue Pen, or any preferred permanent adhesive
  • Wooden Dowels (thickness depends on how sturdy you want them)

Halloween Cardstock Paper Photobooth Props Design Space

First, you'll want to cut out the images you want. I decided I wanted some iconic Halloween facial features to start with since that might make a fun picture. I found a vampire mouth and witch hat in the Cricut access images but couldn't find a nose and eye that really “screamed” Halloween (pun intended). So I found a big nose and just added a couple warts by cutting out a circle and half circle. Then I found a fun monster that had an eye I liked the look of and just hid all other aspects of the image apart from the eye. You can do this by selecting the eyes I have circled on the far right pictured in the screenshot. I wanted to add a classic bat prop as well for fun! 

Halloween Cardstock Paper Photobooth Props Die Cut Pieces

I then figured out sizes just by measuring on my face how big I’d want each feature. The nose and eye were 3 inches wide, and the mouth was 4 inches wide. The hat I made was 11 inches and the bat was 6 inches.

Halloween Cardstock Paper Photobooth Props Gluing Layers

After everything is cut you'll want to glue each layer together to complete the image.

Halloween Cardstock Paper Photobooth Props Gluing Sticks

Once you've done that you can now glue the stick to the back! On the images that will be going on people’s faces, I recommend gluing them to the side of each object so there won't be a stick running through the middle of your face. Using a hot glue gun, adhere the dowel to the back of your images and wait for it to dry.

Halloween Cardstock Paper Photobooth Props

Voila! You now have some spooky props that were far simpler than you ever thought possible!

Halloween Cardstock Paper Photobooth Props


What are you crafting for Halloween? We'd love to see! Tag your creations with #cardstockwarehouse on Facebook and Instagram to be featured on our account! 

Happy Crafting!

-Tara (Handmade by Tara)

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