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Watercolor Sparkle Paper Butterfly Cards

Watercolor Sparkle Paper Butterfly Cards

Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? I hope you are all safe, healthy and enjoying this extra time that we get with our loved ones. It's been pretty crazy where I'm at and we finally will have some stores opening at the end of this week, which will be at the end of May.

For the most part it's been ok, but it definitely has had its challenges, which brings me to this card. What better way to relax than an easy watercolor card with minimal supplies? I thought butterflies would be the perfect center for this because, to me, butterflies mean hope and happiness.

watercolor white diamond sparkle butterfly cards

Here is my list of supplies:

  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • White Diamond Print Glitter
    • Pure White 100lb -Card base
  • Butterfly Stamps
  • Sentiment Stamps
  • Watercolor or water based markers
  • Sequins
  • Tombow Glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • Gold and Clear embossing powder
  • Embossing Ink
  • Heat Gun
  • Colorful Ink

Let's get started!!

To start this card I began with my stamping of the butterflies on the White Diamond Print Glitter cardstock from Cardstock Warehouse. This cardstock is my all-time favorite card stock I've ever used. The pictures just don't do it justice. They are so sparkly!! I then heat embossed with gold embossing powder and set it with a heat gun. I did four butterflies for each base.

Stamping and embossing butterflies

Once the butterflies are stamped and embossed, it's time to color them in. For this, I found it easier to use my brush pens but you can use whatever medium you like. I found this paper held up great for what little water I used on it but it does soak in quite fast so don't be too heavy with the color at first.

Coloring stamped butterflies

Next we are going to move to the background. I took the White Diamond Print Glitter card stock from Cardstock Warehouse and cut it into 4 panels of 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 (A2) size. We are going to watercolor the background, and let me tell you, I highly enjoyed this. This paper is so amazing and I used quite a bit of water on this. I started with my main color and just did zig-zags across the base to make it look free-flowing, then I went in with a secondary color to add a little more definition. After that, I used a wet paintbrush with just water to lighten the two colors and blend them. This turned out so amazing and reminded me of a geode.

Watercoloring White Diamond Print Sparkle Paper for Background

I then took my heat gun to my base to speed up the drying time. You can then add more color or leave it as u want. I liked the lighter look so I left it as it was so I could start with my sentiment.

Drying ink on White Diamond Print Sparkle Paper

I used an anti-static tool first and tested to make sure nothing was sticking before I stamped my sentiment using a complementary ink color. Just remember that this paper is textured so u will have to stamp more than once to get a perfect impression. Then follow up with clear embossing powder to set it in place.

Stamping sentiment on Diamond Print White Inkjet Printable Glitter Paper

Now let's put this beauty together. I used double-sided tape since I used so much water, I wanted to make sure it laid down beautifully. I trimmed it down to 5 1/4 X 4 so I would have a nice small white border. I used Pure White from Cardstock Warehouse in 100lb for the card base of 5 1/2 X 4 1/4.

Double-sided tape on back of card panel

I then used the same double-sided tape for my butterflies. I have a butterfly die for this, but they are easy to "fussy cut" out as well. On the butterflies I only put tape in the very center so the wings were still up and gave a beautiful definition to the card.

Stamped, embossed, and colored butterflies

To finish this card I added some sequins. After that this card is all done. This was so much fun and I can honestly say one of my favorite cards I've made, so I made 5 cards so far. I really hope you enjoyed this card and if you haven't tried out the White Diamond Print Glitter paper yet, I highly recommended giving it a go. It will be your new favorite addition!!

Finished White Glitter Butterfly Card with Sequins

Thank you so much for hanging out with me and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please share your creations using Cardstock Warehouse papers with us so we can see your amazing projects. Use #cardstockwarehouse on Instagram or Facebook as we would love so much to see what gorgeous art you have created. 

White Diamond Sparkle Butterfly Cards

 watercolor white diamond print glitter butterfly card

You can watch the entire process on my YouTube channel! 

 I look forward to next month where I can show you a new fun project. Until then, don't forget to check out my Instagram and YouTube channel where you can find more crafty goodness. Also, tag us on Instagram or Facebook. We would love to see what you make! Tag us with #cardstockwarehouse to be featured on our page! 

Happy Crafting!

Jaimie Madison Card Designs 

IG: @jaimie_madison

Youtube: Jaimie Madison Design

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