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Holographic Paper Disco Ball Embellishment

Holographic Paper Disco Ball Embellishment

Hey there! It’s Kira and I am back with another tutorial using some new holographic paper. When I saw the Rainbow Holographic paper added to the shop, I knew I needed to use it on a project immediately. And it just screamed “disco ball” to me…so that is exactly what I decided to make. Let's get started!


I started by cutting out two circles on my electronic die cut machine, but these circles can be hand cut, punched, or cut using metal dies. I sized mine at 4”, but I think even smaller disco balls could be really cute!


cutting paper circles for disco balls


Then I took a strip of Rainbow Holographic paper and cut “fringe” at ¼“ wide. You could cut strips, but I found the fringe technique helped to keep my finished pieces more uniformly sized. 

cutting fringe to make disco ball pieces 

Next, you’ll cut perpendicular to your first cuts to create tiny ¼” squares. 


1/4" rainbow holographic pieces


Once I had all my holographic squares cut out, I used a circle shape to create a guide to where I would place my squares. 


drawing curved guideline on circle for disco ball squares


You’ll take the squares and follow the guide you drew by using a small amount of wet glue. Just working your way down the circle, you’ll overlap the edges (which will be trimmed off later). 


Gluing the rainbow holographic squares to paper circle


Finally, you will trim off the excess squares from the edges. Repeat on two separate circles. 


trimming extra squares off the edges of circle


I had originally thought I would hang this somehow in my scrapbook album. So, I added some bakers twine between the circles which created an adorable disco ball ornament. But instead, I decided to go in a different direction. I cut a 4.25” circle out of my 6x8 paper (for 2 pieces). Then, I used sewing thread in between my two disco balls. I taped one piece of the tread to the top of the circle cut out and the other piece to the bottom so my disco ball could spin inside the circle cut out. 


disco ball scrapbook embellishment


I finished off the page by adding some stitched beading and a title that reads “Party Time”. 


photo on disco ball scrapbook embellishment


I decided to use this on a layout about our recent trip to Las Vegas. Here’s how it looks completed: 


rainbow holographic disco ball embellishment


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Happy Crafting!

Kira (@kira.gets.crafty

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