Halloween Spooky Letterboard Accessories

Halloween Spooky Letterboard Accessories

I know it’s only September but I love Halloween so much that I start decorating for it in September so I can enjoy the decorations longer. Changing up the theme each year can get expensive, one of the inexpensive home decors I like to use is letter boards. Today I’m going to show you how to make a DIY Letterboard icons using cardstock. Let's get crafting!


  • Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers
    • White Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter
    • Silver Mirrisparkle
    • Black Mirrisparkle
    • Pink Lemonade
    • Cotton Candy
    • Orange Fizz
    • Grape Jelly
  • Glue Dots
  • Foam Tape
  • Beacon Zip Dry adhesive
  • Electronic Die-Cutting Machine
  • Coffin Letterboard
  • Letter Board alphabets


papers for spooky letterboard accessories


I used these images from Cricut Design #10232140, #M29131598, and #M249A0C0E. If you are using a Cricut, you can find the project by clicking here. If you are using another die-cutting machine, you can search your machine's software for things like "halloween," "gnome," "spooky," etc and choose some images that you like.


cricut design space files for gnome letterboard accessories


Next, use an electronic die-cutting machine to cut out all the pieces.


spooky letterboard die cut pieces


I used foam tape between each layer of "spooky" to give it a 3D effect.


adding foam tape to the back of letterboard die cut pieces


For the parts that I did not use foam tape, I used Beacon Zip Dry glue. I love this glue because it dries quickly and you can rub off any excess with your fingers once it's dry.

Adhere the eyeballs with Zip Dry adhesive.


gluing eyeballs onto spooky letters


Now it's time to assemble the gnomes. A little tip, for images that have a lot of tiny parts, I like to use the offset feature on Design Space and cut out a shadow layer to use as a backing piece. It helps with gluing the tiny pieces on easier.


adding shoes to gnome backing piece


I used alcohol markers on the nose to add a little bit of shadow and polka dots on the hat


adding marker details to gnome


I attached the gnome to the center of the spider web using foam tape. 


adding gnome to spider web with foam tape


To attach a letterboard board backing, I use letters or shapes I don't use often and a glue dot.

You can use a more permanent adhesive like a glue gun but I know I am only using this temporarily so I want to be able to remove the letter easily once Halloween is over.


adding letterboard letters to the back of "spooky" word


This is what it looks like once you adhere the glue dot to the back. This was a larger piece so I used 3 letter pegs.


letterboard letters attached to back of "spooky" word


Finally, it’s time to decorate! I used different alphabet colors to make it more fun and I also added embellishments like spiders and bats. I cut the bats out of the Black MirriSparkle paper. 


halloween letterboard letters and icons


Here is the finished letterboard! How fun and festive, “Gnome sayin’?”


Spooky Gnome Halloween Letterboard Icons


Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed this easy letterboard project. 

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Happy Crafting!


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