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Paper Fringe Christmas Tree Cones

Paper Fringe Christmas Tree Cones

Hi crafty friends! It’s Neftali here today, and I am so excited to be sharing a fun Holiday craft with you. I was inspired to use my cardstock papers, the glittery kind, of course, to spruce up some little foam cones I had found at my local craft store. I am here to share with you a tutorial on using paper to turn these cones into some beautiful Christmas Tree decorations. There are countless ways that you can use cardstock to create some beautiful Christmas trees, but I decided to go for the easiest route possible. I can’t wait to share the process with you all, there will also be a process video linked at the end of this post. But first, let us gather our supplies, listed below:

Supply List:

  • Foam cones (x6 or choice)
  • Paper Trimmer
  • 1-inch Strips of Cardstock Warehouse Cardstock Papers:
    • Desert Sand MirriSparkle (Rose Gold)
    • Pink Sapphire MirriSparkle
    • Red Wagon MirriSparkle
    • White Diamond Print Inkjet Glitter
    • Jupiter Stardream Metallic
    • Aquamarine Stardream Metallic
  • Fringe Scissors 
  • Paint - should match your paper color selection.
  • Glue Gun
  • Topper Element (stars, bows, etc.)

Okay, so I have to start off by saying that I went all out with the glitter paper choice. But I did also add some contrast by using some shimmer paper from the Stardream Pearlescent collection in the shop. There are so many gorgeous color selections for any color scheme you use in your own decorations. I went with a fun pastel look, with a classic green and red added to it. I plan to use these in my crafty space, to add some fun Christmas decor. 

cutting 1 inch paper strips

Once you have your color of choice, cut a few 1 inch strips of paper. My little trees used about 5-7 strips of paper. 

Cut strips of paper


To add the fringe to my strips, I used some super cool scissors I recently added to my collection. These are some fun scissors that fringe your paper. I cut up all of my paper strips. I also painted my cones a matching color to the color of paper I was using. 

Adding strips to tree

Once my cones were dry, I began attaching the strips using hot glue. I started from the base and went all the way up. I found that sometimes it was better to trim the strips smaller, just so there are no gaps. You can piece it together as you go. 

How to assemble paper tree cones

The final step is to add a tree topper. I used some cute foam glittery stars and snowflakes. I found the toppers at my dollar store. You can also use ribbon for a bow tree toper. There are many cute options.

Here are some lovely closeups of my little Christmas trees. I made a total of six frayed Christmas trees! 

Finished cone christmas trees

You can watch how I made them below. This process video shows you the hands on steps.

Well friends, that's it! These Christmas trees are so easy to make using the fray scissors. You can make just one, or six like I did! There are lots of fabulous color choices in both the Stardream Collection and the Mirrisparkle Glitter Collection in the shop. Plus, there are two NEW colors in the Diamond Print Glitter sheets. Your color combination possibilities are endless!

DIY Frilled paper Christmas tree cones

Thanks so much for stopping in today. I hope you are inspired to create some cute Christmas tree decorations to bring in some holiday cheer to your home. If you do get crafty with our Cardstock Warehouse papers, we would love to see your creations. Follow and tag us on our online accounts on InstagramFacebook and also Twitter.

See you next month, and Happy Holidays!






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