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DIY Cardstock Paper Weaving Framed Art

DIY Cardstock Paper Weaving Framed Art

I’ve noticed a big trend lately is woven wall hangings, and given that there are so many different colors, sizes, and textures, it’s no wonder! But because I have a paper obsession, I had to try my hand at weaving with paper instead of the usual fabric or yarn. It's such a great way to add a whole new layer to your decor, not to mention get your crafty creative wiggles out. Follow along if you’d like to see how I made mine. There are multiple ways you can change and alter it by color, pattern, or size, and it may be the simplest project ever! Okay maybe not the simplest, but it's definitely up there.


DIY Paper Weaving Framed Art using Cardstock Warehouse paper

To begin, start slicing each sheet of paper to about ¼ inch thick strips. The amount you need of each color will depend on your pattern and the size you are wanting. For mine, I decided early on I wanted to make it fit a 5x7 frame and slicing up a whole sheet of each color provided for plenty of strips and then some.

Cutting Strips for DIY Paper Weaving Framed Art using Cardstock Warehouse paper

Next, you will want to start lining up your first layer of vertical strips. Since I wanted my weaving to be primarily white, I used the Starch White Speckletone for all of my vertical strips. I decided to do my weaving on one of my spare Cricut mats that had lost all of its stick, as a way to have the project easily transferable, but that’s completely optional. In any case, make sure you line up each strip right next to each other so there are no gaps, and when you’re done just use some masking tape across the top to keep them in place. I just used washi tape because I didn’t have any masking tape on hand and it worked just as well, not to mention it’s cuter! I knew the tape would be covered anyways when framed so it really didn’t matter for me.

DIY Paper Weaving Framed Art using Cardstock Warehouse paper

Once that is taped you can then decide on a design and begin weaving with your strips horizontally over and under as desired. For mine, I kept it relatively simple with just a two under, two over pattern. It's really hard to explain so hopefully the pictures will do the trick!

DIY Paper Weaving Framed Art using Cardstock Warehouse paper

Once you’ve finished your design, you can spray with adhesive and affix it to cardstock or you can frame it as I did. If you choose the latter, I recommend choosing a frame with a mat so that the edges won't matter. I just taped off each side of the weaving and cut the excess off. And voila! Just like that, you have a unique piece of handmade wall art that couldn’t be any cheaper!

DIY Paper Weaving Framed Art using Cardstock Warehouse paper


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-Tara (Handmade by Tara)

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