DIY Ombre Layered Paper Cupcake Toppers

DIY Ombre Layered Paper Cupcake Toppers

A cousin getting married in the family means a lot of opportunities to do something I love: make party decor! I invited a couple bridesmaids for a craft day in preparation for the bridal shower and one of our projects were these pink ombre, layered flowers for cupcake toppers. The ombre of pinks gave it that perfect touch of classy while the dimension kept them interesting and intricate.

To start, you will need:

DIY Ombre Layered Cupcake Toppers Supplies

I chose 3 different hues of pinks, by using a printed floral sheet for inspiration that was very similar to the florals on the bridal shower invitation.


We used my metal craft dies in different shapes and sizes to cut out flowers, using the lightest (pink lemonade) for the smallest flowers, the pearlescent tone (rose quartz) for the medium sized flowers, and the darkest pink (bubblegum) for the largest flowers.

 DIY Ombre Layered Cupcake Toppers Die Cuts 

Pair the flowers in 2-3 layers, from light to dark in order to achieve the ombre look. Put a dot of hot glue in the center of your largest flower and let it dry. Using the tip of the hot glue gun, melt just the top layer of that dot so that you can adhere the next flower. This will allow it to keep the space between the two layers of flowers.

If you prefer a third layer, add your hot glue dot again and follow the steps above.

When the glue has dried, turn your flower over and adhere the end of a toothpick with a line of hot glue.

 DIY Ombre Layered Cupcake Toppers Steps 1-4

Your topper is completed! Make as many as you want in different shapes, sizes and styles to make your own ombre garden.

 DIY Ombre Layered Cupcake Toppers


DIY Ombre Layered Cupcake Toppers

Have you made your own cupcake toppers? We’d love to see! Be sure to show us on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Crafting!

-Melanie (A Peace of Creativity)

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